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  • SuzieB - The most fun I've ever had with a squirrel!I never thought that one of the perks of being a grandmother would be the ability to read children's books, alone in my room, without anyone blinking an eye. I may not be in the target age range of 8-12, but I'm glad that I had a chance to read Flora and Ulysses because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt I could relate as an adult, when I read "Considering the human beings she was surrounded by, believing in a squirrel seemed like an increasingly reasonable plan of action." If only I had a squirrel in my life.

    I never imagined that a story about a squirrel could be so entertaining, especially since there are 68 chapters! They are short chapters, which makes it an easy read for kids of all ages. However, it also enticed me to read 'just one more' until the book was finished.

    I loved it! When my granddaughter was finally able to pry it from my hands, she fell just as deep into Flora's world and loved it as much as I did.
  • tommythegun "tommythegun" - Can work on receding hairline and easy to use too!I've had a steadily receding hairline since age 22. I'm 31 now. I started to use Propecia three years ago, which slowed the progression and allowed me to grow some back, but ultimately proved to be just delaying the inevitable. I started using Rogaine Foam two months ago, after I gave up trying to use liquid Rogaine years ago because I found it too cumbersome to work with and it dripped into my face. All I can say is wow. In two months, I've had hair coming back on my head in places that I haven't seen since I was a teenager. It's steadily getting thicker and darker too (though I have some thinner, paler, vellus hair on the sides still). I have enough now that I actually have to be concerned about styling it every morning for the first time in years. This is all after only two months, which supposedly isn't even very long into Rogaine's full effectiveness. And, as I get more hair and grow it longer, I have more options to style and cut it.

    In short, Rogaine does work on receding hairlines and frontal hair loss, no matter what they say. For the sake of disclosure, I still use Propecia as well, plus Nizoral, but I've seen results from Rogaine very quickly and dramatically in my case.

    The stuff does have a bit of a sweetish smell to it that I find a little distracting, sort of like hairspray but stronger. It also leaves my hair where I use it a bit stiffer and clumpier. But it is much easier to work with than the old liquid Rogaine, and supposedly it's more effective as well. You have to use it twice a day (I do morning and night), and you're not supposed to wash it out until it's been able to sit for at least four hours. I recommend letting it dry, then styling or fluffing afterwards with a comb. Takes a little extra bit of time in the morning, but the results are well worth it!
  • BC Shauver - Rick Steve's Italy -- awesome!This is "Traveling in Italy for Dummies." We'll written, fun, with very useful tips, trips and maps. I was having trouble coordinating logistics in southern Italy, but with his maps, time of travel and so on, I finally got it. I am using a travel planner as well but we weren't necessarily speaking the same language until I got Steves in front of me. Plus the book has several discounts you can use at restaurants, hotels and sights just by showing the book, which makes it a "must have." Definitely worth it and great to have as a reference during our travels.
  • W. Jamison "William S. Jamison" - For What Binders I UseFor What Binders I Use
    There are names for each binder:
    strong women, weak women.
    Look inside, you can see them:
    the ones that drink from half-empty cups,
    their nails rust red in the places they point,
    knuckles dovetailed on their page.
    The way things stay so neatly
    wherever they've been clipped in--
    and clips, some say, are weak.

    And see how the pages flow back
    across a snap, with a great flap,
    more strong
    than the simple, untested loose leaves.
    There's a name for it in classes,
    when it snags in your back pack: homework,

    as all women,
    proud of their efforts, wear them
    as honors given out after class,
    small triumphs adding weight to the back--

    And when two women have loved each assignment
    see how they make them smarter
    it forms a scar on their bodies,
    stronger, heavier, and a pound each binder;
    how the black cardboard makes of them a single book
    that no one can bear or read.

    (Thanks for your help Jane!)
  • T. Carson - Our family keeps this on hand alwaysI always keep these on hand for my daughter who is somewhat intolerant to wheat. It greatly helps her digest wheat when she is not in a position to obtain spelt bread products. This product relieves her discomfort of bloating and cramping, but it is only a tool. She does remarkably well on a non wheat diet.