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  • Darryl Kinman - Why talk to liberals they don't listen???It is a great book that you find yourself constantly shaking your head in agreement. Ann Coulter shows how liberals side step a credible argument only to critisize the person and or change the subject. Maybe we could get some sense into the liberals if Ann would write bigger books so we could boop them over their heads with it... :-)
  • Joel S. Teig "tigertoo" - Natural intestinal helpI have had terrible intestinal troubles with flatulence, cramping and episodes of severe long term constipation for the past 20 years. By the suggestion of my gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic, I began taking Align in early February, 2009. What a change! My days are more comfortable, might nights are more relaxed and I feel better about myself.

    A great natural medication to reverse the effects of a bacterial imbalance in the intestines.
  • Kenny - great product for the price!Gave me mild cramps not too bad, and didnt have me running to the bathroom with explosive results. Gentle yet effective had me goin' at least 5 times a day, after about a week felt a difference with a flatter abdomen. Contains natural ingredients with fiber not harsh drugs/ stimulants , would recommend to a friend.
  • Kenn Caesius - The poor person's encyclopediaAnd that is not a pejorative - considering the ratio of knowledge to cost, the latest edition of the World Almanac continues in the tradition of being the best reference book available to everyone - providing concise information to the most significant subjects as culled from government sources, major newspapers, science, and industry.

    If you are any type of person to enjoy trivia or simply be able to reference any of your statements (or check someone else's), you ought to get this book.
  • Michael Sperazza - Excellent Bike For The Price!Actually, I would still consider it a excellent bike if it were $100 more.
    I am an old school BMX bike guy, and I bought this for my 12yo son. This is about as old-school as it gets these days, and my son thoroughly enjoys the bike as well.
    It comes packaged aprox. 85 - 90% put together, and I had no trouble at all assembling the rest (front wheel, forks, handlebars, seat, brake cables and reflectors.) I will note that I have taken bikes apart and back together for years, so I did not need much help from the directions - but if you do need a lot of guidance from them - these are the best written directions at all.
    I would absolutely recommend this bike..