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  • CIrwin - Very good for the moneyThis vacuum is very good for the money and holds up well against my pets and kids. The dirt cup is a little small and needs to be emptied often. It does not blow a bunch of dirt in the air like some other vacuums as long as you keep the dirt cup emptied. The suction is also very powerful and isn't as ear splitting as some other vacuums I have owned.
  • Edward Matus - Eureka! What a pen!!!Eureka! What a pen!!! Just what the doctor ordered. It's strong enough for a man but made for a woman.
  • PolishMan - The best toy a boy could ask forWhy play Battlefield 3 when I can paint my friends and family bright colors. This marker is deadly accurate and fires like a boss! The merchant was fast and delivery was furious. The whole experience was fantastic. I'm having a hard time not shooting things. All I want to do is tear stuff up with my new paintball gun. SUPER AWESOME
  • Emily S - objective view of pregnancy and delivery decisionsThere is information provided in this book that I've never read in any other pregnancy book. The author provided a concise literature review, sums up pros and cons, then leaves the choice ultimately up to each reader. If you have read natural childbirth books, some of the book will sound familiar, but the author presents a balanced view.
  • Jill Giovan - Highly effective program!This is a no-nonsense, practical program that teaches you very effective techniques to deal with defiant, difficult children. I learned a lot from this program and would definitely recommend it to others, because it works. However, it is not a magic cure-all. It takes hard work on your part. You have to listen carefully to the lessons and change your own behavior first. Then, when you respond effectively to your child's defiance, you will see improvement in your child's behavior. We certainly did.