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  • L. Jones - Works and Great Price

    I mostly use Norton but at retail stores and even at nortons site this software is a bit pricey. Got it (download) right now and at a great price too. Worried that you will not have a "recovery disc? After installing it you can go to nortons site and download a recovery tool to make a "boot disc". This can be used should you get a very nasty virus that you can't clean while running windows. I always make a copy on a DVD of the install program too. Thanks AMAZON : )

  • H. Annabelle Exter - Great for slicing!

    Well, it was about time I had found a piece like this. For years, I have been collecting recently deceased men's penises for medical analysis. I have often wondered to myself what the penis would look like individually sliced apart and analyzed. I had tried scalpels, but my hands are much too big and powerful to cut in straight lines. I had tried a butchers knife, but the sections always came out un-even. I had even tried getting the electric meat slicer, but that disrupted the veins. Then I heard about Hutzler 571 Banana slicer! Now, when I need to evenly slice the victim, erm, I mean cadaver's extremity, I can do so thanks to this wonderful creation! Thank you, Amazon, for selling such an amazing item!