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  • T. DeLozier - So far so goodQuick delivery. the pills are large but go down easy. no weird smells or aftertaste! I like that I do not have to take a seperate prenatal vitamin. I will use these daily until our IUI scheduled in December. Keeping fingers crossed that this product will enhance my mucous and ovulation so we only have to do procedure one time. My doctor does not want us doing Clomid yet so after lots of research I purchased these. My husband is happy since he prefers I do as much natural as possible as I have had side effects form various prescriptions I have taken daily for about a month and it seems like mucous is improved. I suggest you get the book " A Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control" by Margaret Nofziger. She goes into great detail about charting your temps, and checking mucous etc...
    Good luck to all those TTC!!
  • Amanda Hudson - Incredible resource!!After dealing with chronic yeast infections for eight months and trying every medication available, the doctors told me there was nothing more they could do. A friend of my sister in law suggested this book and within 3 days of starting the diet, my symptoms were gone. I'm continuing the diet and just started week three. After I'm finished, I plan on seeing a natural healing doctor to figure out the specifics of what is going on with my body, but if it weren't for this book, I'd still be miserable!
  • WJK "WJ Kenn" - SURPRISE! This also Dry Eye ReliefI have used this (5% only) about two months. My Dr told me it would take 4 months for this to show results, I have yet to see hair growth...BUT...
    I never forget to put it on two times a day. Why? I have an extreme case of DRY EYE with eye pain. The first time I used it, within seconds, my eyes felt a little bit better. I thought it was my imagination..however....each time I use it my eyes are better. I now have a marked reduction in the eye pain and friends say my eyes are open wider. I also use Restasis and other eye drops but they didn't help in a real relief and the combination of these products have made a big difference in my life of eye pain. If you have a similar problem, it is worth a try. (It is important to know harmons play a part, the estrogen patch is a big plus with this treatment versus the Premarin by mouth)
  • Gadgester "No Time, No Money" - Very smooth installationThis is about the download and installation, not about the new version of Office. This product is a small box (can be recycled, of course) that contains a getting-started card and, more importantly, a Product Key for activating the copy of Office Pro 2013 you download. There's also a small support pamphlet which you most likely won't even read. The keycard is a blue credit card-sized card in a pocket on the inside flap of the box; I didn't see it at first. Downloading Office 2013 was painless over my AT&T u-verse connection on a weekday afternoon, and installation on a Toshiba Win7 laptop was totally smooth. I now have the latest Office.

    In hindsight, I should have installed this on my new Sony Win8 all-in-one, since Office 2013 is touch-friendly. Let's see if Costco starts selling these for cheap again.