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  • penguin - Earned $10K in a day by negotiating over a new job offer!Never would I have tried to negotiate over $$$ aspect of new job offer, should I had not read this book. Sheryl points out that a part of the reasons why women earn less than male peers is that we don't ask, we don't attribute our success to ourselves and undermine our value.

    It was a nerve wrecking to ask for an additional few percent, but, hey, when it succeeded, it sure made me feel AWESOME! I earned $10K in a day!!! I also highly recommend "You're Killing Me Here!" by Steve Reilly if you are further interested in learning about negotiation techniques.
  • Melissa - Good douche, but see your doctor for odor and discharge!!This product is a good douche. The product description is accurate, and that is why I gave it a 5 star rating. I would like to share my story of why I bought this, so that others may learn from my experience. I found this product because I was looking for natural/non-pharmaceutical remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis. I want to make clear that nowhere in the description of this product does it say it is meant to treat BV, however I believe I saw on another, unrelated, website that some people had used this to treat it. I have had recurrent BV for the last few years, and I had seen a doctor and treated it with prescription medication. When it returned, I wanted to find an alternative remedy that did not require using the prescription. I bought this product, and it does mask odor for a day. You must use this daily if you don't want the odor to return. However, this is not a cure for BV so if you are looking for one do not buy this. Just as a PSA, BV is the result of an overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria, which requires treatment with a vaginal antibiotic. Please see your doctor if you develop an unusual vaginal odor or discharge. This could indicate BV, or a more serious problem, and using this douche will only mask the underlying problem. Needless to say, I got a refill of the prescription antibiotic and am clear of BV for now.
  • Sheridan T "Lucky" - EPL3 Compact and powerfulIn 2005, my need was a camera which had no shutter lag to shoot pictures of my speedy daughters. I ended up with the Nikon D300. Beautiful shots which have been enlarged to 16x20. More recently the kids have grown, while the D300 still fills my photo needs, it would be great to have a video record of their violin and piano recitals. The tilt screen, HD video and small size drew me to the EPL3 which looked like it would fill my need perfectly. Unlike the D300, the EPL3 actually fits in my pants pocket. The quality of the video and the ease of copying the files to my computer drive really surprised me. My EPL3 came with the 14-42mmIIR lens, this combination truly blew me away after reviewing the pics I snapped of a Hawaiian sunset after a heavy rainstorm...breathtaking colors. I cheated a bit by using a 8x ND filter and my tripod. After lugging the D300 around for the past 6 years the EPL3 feels like a toy because of its compact size and weight. I have read the EP1 & EP2 are sluggish in the focus department, seems like with the EPL3 this is no longer an issue. Panasonic lens 20mm 1.7 and 14mm 2.5 seem to be fully compatible, both lens slipped on and were ready to shoot. Once this camera is in your hands you should be impressed by the seek look and quality feel. This camera delivers wonderful photos and video. The EPL3 is definitely not a toy.
  • Brian O' Connor - Great software for under $15!I bought this because my previous anti-virus expired and I needed some anti-virus really fast. I saw this on Amazon for $11.50 so I took the bait and bought it. Received a download link within minutes of purchase, and download was ready in 25 minutes. Many people were complaining that this was a trial version. The download is a trial version, but Amazon provides the product key to extend the coverage for 1 year. The product key is in your Software Library and is ready to be copied.

    Make sure after the download is finished to copy the product key and paste in Norton's product page or else the trial will only last 30 days. After the code has been pasted, your computer will be covered for a year