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  • J. Vick "Shad" - Truly Wonderful MilkI was looking for a book on Amazon - when I saw "Tuscan Milk". Honestly I thought it was a joke because of some of the sarcastic posts (and the fact that it was "milk" on amazon...c'mon. But the curiosity was killing me so I added it to my cart, clicked checkout and was on my way. When I saw the shipping was so high - I almost bailed - but still the curiosity won. I expected maybe to not get anything - or perhaps some card or toy with fake milk jug or something.

    Well - today there was a knock at the door. I open it up and there's a big cardboard box with "Tuscan Milk" on the label. I bring it in open it up and there is tons of insulation bubbles surrounding a styrafoam cooler. I cut the straps to the cooler and open it up. Now I'm realizing - this is really milk. The box was hot but inside the cooler was freezing cold. More insulation around the ice packs and I find the gallon of whole milk.

    I take it to the kitchen and immediately pour just a little into a sauce cup (just for a taste). Wow - just the best milk I've ever had. I should have never started on this skim and 1, 2% stuff. Good old whole milk and "Tuscan" is even better. I'll admit - it's probably not any different from any other Whole milk - but it did seem a bit more creamy and thick. The taste was fantastic and my wife keeps raving about how great the glass of ovaltine she had just was. I say - ration it baby - slow down.

    We are whole milk drinkers from now on - but we need Tuscan to make it's way to Salt Lake City - I'm not shipping it from NYC anymore at that price.
  • J. Jackson - I Can Smile Again! Real and Lasting Relief!When I found Ester's book I had been in serious pain for three months. My doctors gave me Vicadin and then morphine to control the pain, but I still wasn't smiling. I tried exercise, no exercise, special exercise, a ton of money on chiropractors, massage and acupuncture and I still felt limited and unable to smile and enjoy life. I tried an epidural injection and felt somewhat better, but then I found this book. The logical and simple process has given me my life back. After just a couple a weeks I felt real relief and have canceled a second injection in my back that was scheduled. With Ester's book I hope to avoid future episodes and be able to move onto the "rest of my life".
  • Charlene - Love, love love The RoadI love McCarthy's writing style in that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (Leonardo da Vinci). He doesn't have to say much, but I felt as if I really could connect with the Man and the Boy during their bleak journey south to... who knows where?

    After an apocalyptic event destroys most of the world, as far as the novel tells, a father and son are all each other have left. Their story is utterly heartbreaking as they encounter horrors of cannibalism and the destructive change in humans as life is slowly trickling away. Savageness and primal instincts come out to play as what's left of the world is left for grabs, and survival of the fittest is no longer a saying--it becomes a reality.

    McCarthy details the love between the father and son as they cling onto each other in a world that is no longer civilized. Civilization is a thing of the past and as far as the Boy knows, they are 'the good guys', and they need to 'carry the fire'.

    Completely heart wrenching as they face hunger and perils unimaginable- don't read on a rainy day.

    Loved it, despite the lack of a definite ending. Would read it again if I had the time. Not a long read, either- quite quick, but lingers in your mind as you try to figure out what lays ahead for humankind.

    Definitely buy The Road! You won't regret it!