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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • gorillaz2323 - A fantastic Mix that Succeeds in every single wayOk, I don't write reviews much because I tend to have biases towards certain things. But considering the negative attention this mix has received I feel that it is necessary. Firstly, I love to mix music, especially House and Trance and I am a huge fan of Armin's. I have noticed a lot of people saying that the mixing is erratic and the first cd doesn't follow along with the theme of being on a beach very well. Well, for starters, the mixing is just fine, believe me, there are far worse mix compilations out there! Besides, ASOT albums have always been a showcase for some of the up and coming trance artists/songs or even lessor known songs, with just enough of the big stuff to get you to buy. Besides the mixing does its job just fine, it brings you up and down, its actually quite a ride overall, and the transitions serve their purpose and are for the most part seamless. Besides if you want a mix that is loaded with technical achievement and amazing transitions/effects, listen to W&W's Mainstage vol. 1. As far as thematics go, the first disk fits the beach scene just fine. Consider this, many times beaches are known for fun, excitement, parties and sometimes, just chilling out. Then you need to include the fact that Trance in general tends to have faster beat patterns that other EDM genres, its common to have 135-150 bpm songs which is generally faster than House. So naturally, it isn't going to be something that will put you to sleep, for that, give Burial a listen. I'd also like to point out that the first disk is more relaxing and quiet than some of the previous ASOT albums, especially 2012. Finally, I have to comment on song selection, Electro-Trance is becoming one of the biggest things in EDM right now, and I am really happy that Armin chose to avoid some of that, sure disk 2 has a few of them but in general, it is all good progressive trance. Now, I admit cd 2 isn't nearly as good as the first but it does its job well enough. If you have any interest in this album, give a few songs a listen or listen on spotify. If you like what you hear, then buy it. Personally, this might be my favorite ASOT album. My personal favorite tracks are Nehalennia, Skylarking-such a chill song, lights, The Expedition-the first chunk is gold, Humming the Lights and Grotesque.
  • Jo - AMAZINGMy husband and I have been TTC for over a year, we are both 30 years old. I have PCOS and have always had very irregular periods (some 80-90 day cycles) and my husband had low count and poor morphology. We went to a fertility clinic in July. I had an HSG - no problems there, so we started several months of fertility drugs and IUI's, each time it failed, it was more crushing than the last. Over the holidays we decided we needed a break and we would start fresh in January. I read about Fertilaid on TTC websites and decided it couldn't hurt to take them while we were on our break. We had tried different combinations of supplements and vitamins before, which seemingly did nothing, so needless to say we were skeptical about fertilaid. My husband started taking the Fertilaid for Men and I started the Fertilaid for Women in the middle of November. We only took 2 capsules a day with food. Well, I don't know how much I can contribute to the Fertilaid, but it seems like a very strange coincidence that suddenly I am pregnant, just like that, the good old fashioned way! No fertility medications, no treatments, no charting my cycles and definitely eating like crap over the holidays. I am truly in shock about it, I wish I had read about Fertilaid 18 months ago when we started this journey. I would definitely recommend this product. It also helped regulate my cycles to 36-38 days, which is much more normal. I get that it is not a fix-all solution, but if you have tried everything else, I would say it absolutely can't hurt! Best of luck to everyone, I know it is a painful and difficult journey. JD
  • Tracie "tracieknits" - very happy with thisI am happier with this anti-virues protection package than I have been with any other product. I have had the Trend Micro Titanium system installed for a week now. It's working flawlessly. I have notice absolutely no system slowdowns or long, disruptive scans. I am extremely pleased with this product on all counts.

    More details:
    The first step was to backup all of my data using the included Safesync. It was very easy to use, and 16gb of photos, videos, songs and documents were uploaded to the cloud in about 12 hours. Like most people, I don't back up my data nearly as often as I should, and I have been meaning to get a larger external hard drive, but I haven't gotten around to it. I like this a lot better than the external hard drive, because I can't lose it or forget it. I especially like being able to log in wherever I am to access my data or upload more items. I logged in at work today, and was able to quickly upload all of my personal documents and photos with no hassle. I really like the Safesync and for that reason alone was sold on keeping the Trand Micro Titanium as my regular internet security product.

    The Safesync backup is important to me because I have lost data before -- including to installation of another brand's internet security package. SO I am always hesitant to upload a new security program. But I need not have worried. Trend Micro's program uploaded very quickly, with absolutely no bugs or glitches. My computer was scanned and deemed safe in minutes. I was starting to wonder if it had actually done anything. Then I opened Firefox, and saw the web pages underlined in green.

    Now I'm not a read-the-manual kind of girl. I know I should be, but manuals are boring and I feel like I know what I'm doing. I have been using this software without having to read any boring documentation - another plus!

    When I saw that web addresses where highlighted with green to show they were trustworthy, I got really excited. I just started couponing, and I know that a lot of coupon sites are phishing scams, trojan horses etc. I was very pleased to see the purple (untested) and red (unsafe) highlights showing me clearly what pages need to be avoided. I was also very pleased to see the red highlights in my junk mail showing me the unsafe pages. It's not that I'm an idiot. I don't randomly click on things that I know might be suspect -- but I like that this program is automatically telling me "don't waste a second of your time on this link". I also have a son who is starting to learn his way around the internet, and so now I can show him "see, I'm not the only one who doesn't think this is safe." We all know that that young teens believe they know more than mom, so it's nice to have another authority chiming in here.
  • Bryan D - Apple Ipad MiniThis has got to be Apple's greatest product yet. Not only does it shield me from the fiery breaths of Medieval dragons but it also allows me to time travel. It also has a pop out toaster and waffle maker. Keep in mind that you have to have your own bread and waffle mix because Apple likes to give you one part but charges you an arm and a leg for the other part. The only complaint I have it that it doesn't come with proprietary arms to do my dishes and give me back rubs.
  • Michael K. Lamb - Skechers 2 Walking ShoesThese shoes were as advertised. I was surprised at how light and comfortable these shoes were. I forgot I had them on when I went out in the yard to do work. In cutting brambles, the thorns caught on the uppers, I thought I had made a mistake and ruined them. It did not tear and still looks good.