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  • Neker - Best yet in seriesIt's unbelievable how Gabaldon is able to pack so much action and suspense into an 870 page novel. How can she come up with it all? How can she KEEP TRACK OF IT ALL?The readers get to see Jamie and Claire find each other again (and I don't just mean physically) as they rush to track down and rescue their nephew. Gabaldon introduces old and interesting characters from the first novel as well as bringing a few new interesting ones into the pot.Over all, I found this novel remarkable and the best yet--and darn glad I'm finished so that I can finally have a decent night sleep!
  • Amanda - Love itI was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2006. My gastroenterologist recommended I take Align along with my prescription medication & the pair help keep my colon happy.
  • Chris Grimmett - Gets the job doneI chose 5 stars because it works as expected

    I like that this software is compatible with Kenwood KAS-10 version 3.0

    I like that this software allows you to draw smiley faces (or any other shape) on the map

    I dislike that this software forces you to use bing when you want online maps (I'd rather use google maps or mapquest)

    I would recommend this software to other users of Kenwood KAS-10 version 3.0.
  • R. Cuccia "PiggDogg" - Excellent, Worth The BucksThis Whisky Bible 2013 is not perfect, but it is excellent and well worth the money. It gives a pretty fair idea of the relative quality of different whiskies provided by a person with excellent knowledge of this whisky subject. One might question or disagree with Murrays' reviews. However, his reviews are informed, intelligent, and generally sufficiently explained.

    If you're interested in whiskies, get this book. You will get your money's worth.