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  • John Russell "porkchopsjar" - The last REAL Pink Floyd albumTechnology aside, Pink Floyd musically never improved on "Animals". The culmination of a trilogy that included "Dark Side Of The Moon" and "Wish You Were Here", "Animals" is the pinnacle of Pink Floyd's musical sound. People tend to overlook the album due to the fact that, lyrically and thematically, it is extremely alienating (but that's Roger Waters for you!) Here we have the human race categorized into being either "Dogs", "Pigs" or "Sheep". Nasty. You get the idea that Waters was, or still is, extremely down on the human race in general (not just Pink Floyd's audience) and writing these songs was cathartic. Or maybe that was "The Wall"...the trouble is, Roger Waters spent so much of his career in the Floyd trying to spoon-feed his views down everyone else's throats that it's no wonder he burned out. And lost the band to Dave Gilmour, who's much more...positive.
    Fortunately, then, "Animals" is chock full of tasty Gilmour guitar licks (particularly "Dogs" -all seventeen minutes and fourty seconds of it- and the end solo in "Pigs")and Richard Wright's jazzy keyboards ("Sheep"). But even Nick Mason, not the most exciting drummer in the world, seems to be playing his ass off. And though Waters was about equal as a bass player, the intro solos in "Pigs" are a bit of a departure. I say "Animals" is the last real Pink Floyd album because it's the album where they took the sound as far as they could. Every album to come along since then has really been either Waters or Gilmour solo albums disguised as Pink Floyd, and all rollback the sound to the "Animals" era.
    Or maybe, considering the album came out in 1977, Roger Waters was trying to send the punks a message, that even old geezers could have a social conscience-no matter how overbearing that conscience may be...
  • winnie - samsung galaxy tab2 10 inchI love it wouldn't choose another tab its more than I expected, if u r looking for a tablet Samsung galaxy's is the best gald I didnt buy the kindle even though I was tempted to buy it my neice buy one and now she regret buying it
  • kaon2009 - Enlightening for some, disturbing for othersUsing his own research and that of many others, Reza Asian has put into one comprehensive book, an easy-to-read, fascinating account of the early Christian era. It is a great service to anyone with the slightest interest about the life and times of Jesus. But be warned, if you are a Biblical literalist, you may find the the book disturbing. However, for me, and I think for many of us, it deepens and strengthens Christian understanding and faith.