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  • Lisa W Gaynor - Very happy with the prices and productThis is a gift for someone who loved this idea, but 1st one was bought for double the price and first time out with them forgot and
    let window down and lost a antler and it was run over several times before getting it back. (ruined) So we are much happier now at half the price and has learned about the window.
  • RLynne "RLynne" - A Medical RomanceCrossroads is the next in Radclyffe's medical series set in the fictional Philadelphia Medical College. While it's not necessary to read the preceding novels, those who have will find familiar characters they have met in the previous novels. And, it's that reappearance of characters which gives Radclyffe's fans the feeling of entering into a well known neighborhood, or comfort zone. In Crossroads, Dr. Hollis Monroe is a obstetrician/surgeon dealing in high risk pregnancies. Annie Colfax is a midwife who specializes in home births. They first meet when Hollis is called in to deliver Annie's baby after complications arise. Their next meeting happens four years later when PMC enters into an agreement with Annie's group to form a combined high-risk care program.

    Radclyffe has given readers two very complex characters in Hollis and Annie. Each has a background of painful loss, and each has avoided any long term love relationship. Part of what makes Crossroads such an enjoyable read is watching these two women from such different medical worlds try to reach across to form a bridge between the two worlds. The other part is watching the sparks fly between two intelligent and wary women. Annie's four year old, Callie, adds an agreeable lightness to the story.

    Radclyffe has given readers a very believeable love story set in the high drama of a hospital setting.
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