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  • R. Holder - Fool for a ClientI owe my freedom to this shirt. Let me explain.

    I work with lots of women. Thousands of them. Some would say I have a position of authority. Mix in my general awesomeness, and one would say it is a recipe for a sexual harassment suit. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. It was only a matter of time. I knew I was innnocent, and I'm sure at this point you, the reader are assuming innocence on my part as well. After all...innocent until proven guilty, no?

    It can be said that a man who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client. I was that fool. At the trial, I was asked to make an opening statement for the defense of my foolish client, to which I responded, "I only have one thing to say in defense of my client, and that is in order for there to be a sexual harassment suit in the workplace, two things must be present. One, the accused must have a position of authority, to which there is no argument. My client has a position of authority. B, in order to qualify as sexual harassment, the actions performed by the accused toward the victim must be unwelcome. To show that there is no way that any such actions could be perceived as unwelcome, I enter into evidence, Exhibit A."

    Immediately upon finishing my opening argument, I pressed play on the tape deck of the boom box I brought with me. The sweet strains of "Slow Ride" by Foghat blared throughout the courtroom. I then flipped my mullet out from the back of my gray Members Only jacket where it was hidden and unzipped the front of it to reveal the Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee. Before I could reach down to retrieve my sweet mirrored shades to complete my look, chaos erupted throughout the court. Six female and one male member of the jury immediately began trying to fight their way past one another to be the first to climb over the railing and prostrate themselves at my feet. While the male bailiff was trying his best to restrain the jurors within their box, there was no one to stop the female court stenographer. She took the pins out of her hair as she moved toward me, letting her auburn locks fall about her shoulders. Half way to me, her breathing was so heavy that she popped the top button on her blouse as her wanton bosom strained to break free of the conservative suit she had chosen for the day.

    The judge pounded his gavel, shouting for order in the court...but there was none to be found. He knew that we were mere seconds away from a sexual attack in which my client (still me) was suddenly shifted from the accused to a victim-in-waiting. Unfortunately for any voyeurs attending the trial, nothing really happened and the courtroom became quite boring after that. The judge dismissed the trial on the count of overwhelming evidence against any sexual advancement on my part being unwelcome. I zipped back up my jacket, covering up the Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee, and turned off my tunes. Before the stenographer could be escorted from the premises, she did manage to remove her panties and throw them to me. Luckily for her, she remembered that she always wrote her name and phone number on her panties like her mother told her to do as a child, but that is another story.
  • David J. Todeschini "Pastor Dave" - The best thing you can get for your pet besides an RFID chipI bought the Tagg Tracker after my 11 month-old Black Lab took off for 3 hours one day. I trained her NOT to cross roads, but I was afraid she wandered off and got hit by a car.

    The unit took 10 minutes to set up on my PC, smartphone, and tablet. The map and satellite rendition on the Tablet is absolutely STUNNING. This device tracks my dog's whereabouts, alerts me id she wanders out of an area I have designated for her, and it is an absolute Godsend for peace of mind when your dog has free reign of the area adjoining 115,000 acres of pineland wilderness. I know I can find her wherever she goes, and have a record of her track (path she takes around the area) and a great way to see and document how much exercise (activity tracking) she's getting.

    HINT: You can also use this device to track other things besides a pet - for example, you can have your child put the tracker in his / her backpack.

    As the rednecks would say, "This thing is slicker than snot on a glass doorknob!"

    See my article on: Net4TruthUSA - click on "Man's Best Friend"
  • JKeaton - Good value, very useful, a lot of good information here.I used SolidWorks for several years, and switched to Inventor due to a job change a while back. For the most part I was able to make the switch and find my way around, but decided that I'd get a couple of Inventor reference books to help out.

    I'm pleasantly surprised with the amount of useful information in this book. I thought I'd pick up a couple of things here and there, but it seems that I learn a new method or tip on each topic. I've even gone back and done some of the more basic beginner tutorials and have picked up some tricks from those. One thing I find interesting about the style of this book is that there are often several tools demonstrated in a single tutorial. For instance I just finished a loft tutorial that covered a number of surfacing tools as well.

    There is a lot of information in this book, and I haven't gotten to it all, but I feel very good about having this on my desk when I need it. I think this one has something for everyone from new users to seasoned pros. Glad I bought it.