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  • Liz Viering - criminals in chargeBamford's latest book is certainly well researched, and comes to some alarming conclusions: Israel has virtually bugged the entire world, and our government colludes with them in handing over all of our most private information, contrary to all of our laws and safeguards against such things. It is patently illegal, but is done anyway.

    The scope of the illegal activity, and the disregard for our Constitution that permeates these actions induce more terror in me than anything "our enemies" may try to do to us. We are officially in a police state, no matter how they spin it.
  • FRED - BEST GAMEThis is the only game I play on tablets and I can't stop playing it. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes baseball.
  • Susan Harris "Susy" - Kindle reading devise reviewI was lucky enough to order a refurbed Kindle in December while in Mexico. When I returned home at the end of December my Kindle was waiting for me! I had been following the KindleKorner posts and had already ordered some free books. I opened the beautiful box, read the easy instructions, plugged in my Kindle to charge, downloaded one of my free books and started using my Kindle right away. I love reading on the Kindle. I can control the font size, I can "turn down the page corner", it is easy to use and easy to read on.

    I highly recommend the Kindle to those people that are "readers". I have been over run with already read paperbacks that I have to donate or re-sell. They take up a lot of cabinet space and take quite a bit of time to box up and get out of the house. The convenience of electronic books is worth the cost of the Kindle, plus many of the books for sale are priced right around the cost of a paperback or even less.

    Cons: Many owners seem to get a different cover for the Kindle or add velcro to the cover. The two corners don't hold it in the supplied cover. I put part of the elastic over the bottom right hand corner, but it not a perfect solution. The size and placement of the next and previous page 'buttons' could be improved, but are workable. If the next button is held too long more than one page will be 'turned'.

    In summary, I am enjoying my Kindle and look forward to using it each day.