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  • Christine O'zee - Making a hard situation easierThank you Bic. I've been having a hard time recently. My husband left me for a younger woman. I know it was my fault. I never could lose those 5 lbs I gained after our fourth child. Anyways, I've had to learn so much recently like how to drive, find a job, and use a map. Don't worry, I take my checkbook to my brother to balance because I know my limits. One of my biggest struggles has been writing. Those man pens are cold, hard, and dark. I swear I start to cry just looking at them. With my Bic Crystal for Her, I have a pen that understands me. She's with me all the time and doesn't judge me for slowing down a little as I drive by the ice cream shoppe. She's been a real support through this ordeal and I don't know where I'd be without her.
  • Smoofy Smoof - As advertised.My doctor said it best, "If a product works then you won't hear about it, but if a product fails then everyone becomes a bitter critic". So, for my two cents for what it's worth; the product for the last five months has worked for me. My hair loss was minimal and mostly involved the left temple receding higher then I wanted, which caused a noticeable gap sometimes when my medium-long hair was parted, but since taking this product the gap has seemed to vanish. Even examining my hair I can tell it has been filling in slowly.

    Is it a permanent solution, having to apply a substance to my head twice a day for thirty seconds a pop? No, but also I like to remain optimistic and believe we are closer to an actual cure. So, my mind set now is that if I can fight this long enough by using a product such as Rogaine, then why not? Roughly, it cost me about 150 for a year supply. If that's all it takes to remain youthful when I'm pushing thirty then by all means, take my money.
  • Phil S. - gotta collect 'em all!!My first was around last will be....hopefully w-a-a-y into the future.

    I still get sweaty fingertips breaking open this perennial. Please, guys, never change that cheesy cover art!

    Small critique: I see no reason to separate by pages, any player's lifetime record. I always turn right to got partitioned! He gets screwed year after year by the MVP voters...and now...jk, jk. :)

    The publisher may also take a tip from the site Baseball Reference, who provides MVP rankings for each year.

    Play ball!!!
  • WithoutMyConsent - I was able to win the defecation contest with these bears.Does a bear defecate in the woods? Yes. Will these aid you to defecate at your finest? You god-damn right!

    Picture this, it was a Tuesday; the contest loomed. I was nervous, when I get nervous I get constipated, this is not a good thing at the best of times, but when you are entering a competition based on how well you can unleash a turd, it is awful. I checked all my cupboards and to no avail, no stool softeners at all. I was panicking which only exacerbated my constipation. In a sigh of defeat and a whimper of misery I set upon this bag of Sugarless gummy bears. These bears were originally for my diabetic aunt, but at this time of anguish and pain, I cared not. I was too upset, due to the fact of my impending ignominious defeat at the annual - Skat Fest. Then a miracle of miracles happened, as if kissed my the Gods themselves I felt a rumble in my stomach, a much welcomed ache of bowel movement. I couldn't believe it, my nerves were still playing on my mind, but I felt I could poo for my regional area (which was my plan, or rather duty). Now I know what you may be thinking, 'the contest isn't until tomorrow, you still have to go to sleep yet!' Well let me ease your mind, this feeling; or rather desire to unleash the poo of all poos remained even until the next day!

    Yes that's right, I was able to sustain the urge to unveil a mighty turd even to the next day, the day of the contest. Needless to say I won that very contest, all thanks to these amazing sweets.
  • Patricia Zalak - Worth the MoneyI reviewed several other reviews on this product before I bought it. Many people mention that the sent is very strong and it is, but when you rinse it out after 3 minutes it seems to leave just a very faint sent. I liked it and thought it was a great choice for the summer. I have been using the WEN products now for 2 months and I like what it has done to my hair.