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  • Shortey Girley - A program with broad and deep applicationsI was introduced to SmartDraw during my college years as part of a software class focused on object-oriented modeling. The program has become so embedded into my professional career that I cannot think of being without it. I have always maintained a license on my personal machine, but have gone so far as to purchase an additional license for a machine at my own expense to ensure that I'm also able to utilize the functionality at work.

    If you're looking to diagram, chart, map, or make logical sense of ANYTHING, there's a template for it. Comparing this program to Visio is doing it a disservice - SmartDraw goes beyond the simple diagramming available in Visio and allows you to actually use the software as part of a problem solving process. SmartDraw has SO many templates available for you to use to kick off your thought process, and you can always modify them or just start from scratch as the mood suits you.

    For those who would compare it to Visio, SmartDraw beats its Microsoft competitor hands down. First of all, when you connect a line to something in SmartDraw, the program is intelligent enough to maintain that link even when you move things around. Adding text, changing line formats, aligning objects, changing object shapes, and changing color schemes are 1-2 click functions (most of which are available from the right-click menu of a given object). It's an intuitive program with limitless possibilities.

    This program integrates seemlessly with MS Office applications. As an example, if you have your PowerPoint presentation open and you have created an image or diagram in SmartDraw, there is a button at the top of the screen to "send to PowerPoint" which literally creates a new slide *in the file you are already working in* with your image in the center, waiting for you to add a title.

    The customer service package that comes with SmartDraw is also exceptional. Any time I've had a question or suggestion for a product enhancement, I receive a response within hours without detailed instructions on how to perform the functionality I was looking for, or a promise to forward the suggestion to the development team for a future release. And since future releases and updates are always being pushed out with new templates and functionality, I have yet to be disappointed.

    The ONE downside is sharing images to those who don't have the program. However, as this same issue exists for Visio (which does a small fraction of the functionality and doesn't come with a built-in .pdf exporter), SmartDraw has and will remain my diagramming tool of choice.

    Most of the problems posted seem to result from having used the trial or older versions of the software. As I've been using this product for at least 5 years, I will agree that past versions had issues opening files and weren't as versatile. However, these complaints should be posted on the page for SmartDraw 2009; SmartDraw VP resolved these issues by incorporating functionality to push out continuous updates as new functionality emerged and/or issues were identified and resolved. As for the people posting negative reviews after only using the trial version, these appear to be people who want to get the software without paying for it and are upset that the company limited functionality in the trial to prevent that from happening. Unless you're reviewing the "full package", there's no way to understand or even be aware of the full potential of the software. If you're willing to pay hundreds (if not thousands) for MS applications, this product is definitely worth the investment.
  • N. Glenn "Glenn." - In love with LeapPadThis is not our first kid's tablet in our house but we love LeapPads, there is nothing that compares to the variety of games, movies, ebooks, and learning apps available on the LeapFrog download store. This is a fast loading pad, games take half as long on this than the other kids tablet we own. I love the Monster's University theme, the blue is very beautiful and my kids like that everything leappad, gelskin, even the screen cloth features Monster's University. The games from the store are easy to download and can be used on up to three leapfrog systems (Leappad or Leapfrog explorer) and my kids really enjoy the games. This does burn through batteries fairly quickly but we simply keep rechargables on hand to swap out, you can also buy the charging kit allowing you to plug into a wall outlet. All in all Leapfrog hit the mark with this awesome product!
  • Jan<>< - Excellent ResourceWow! So simple and so promising. I'm on the maintenance program and find my allergies have lessened. Time will tell whether it arrests arthritis. I suppose that if a person took a higher dosage for more serious conditions, the results could be more astounding, but I am satisfied with just maintaining... Should a serious condition come along, I might up the dosage, accordingly. I only wish I had known about this before I had a bilateral mastectomy a little over a year ago! To reverse THAT condition would have been wonderful, but now cancer should not rear its ugly head again, now that I know how to maintain the level of health I presently enjoy.
  • Philip Krauthoff - Worth the troubles to set up....Lots of folks hate this speaker... still, could not resist Air Play for a song.
    Had to chat with Philips Support twice before I could get it to work. A lot, I bet, of the trouble has to do with my being only 6 months into the World of Apple. Had to learn where and how Apple hides the settings you need to get to. Philips manual not that easy to figure out, either.
    HOWEVER, it sounds fantastic. Lots of good sound- from a small speaker playing (wirelessly) from my computer at the other end of the house..... 20 years ago you would have been judged a lunatic for thinking such things.
    The speaker resides near the router, so the drop out issue has been completely absent.
    Recommend to anyone willing to put up with some setup issues with a good- not too far away router.
  • dutch yeti - Poetic, Desolate, Beautiful.If you really are considering reading this book, i recommend just one thing: know what "style" of book this is before you start. Most negative reviews i see of this are of people who just picked this book up because Oprah recommended it or they saw the movie or just heard good things about it and wanted to check it out. But most positive reviews of the book understand one thing, which is Cormac McCarthy and his writing style. It is nearly unique and all his own. The sentences in this book often are not sentences. Words come out like thoughts do. There are no chapter breaks, and very much so on purpose - There are no "breaks" for the boy and his Papa. There are small cues that the reader will need to pick up on, such as the asterisks when there is a significant change in time, or following the dialogue between the man and boy without the benefit of "said the man" or "the boy said". This is not a book just anyone can pick up and read. To truly enjoy this, you have to know what you are getting yourself into first. Understand that the words won't always seem to form a coherent sentence, but they will still convey exactly what they mean to. This truly is more akin to long-form poetry. I also don't ever recall reading a story before that made me feel so emotionally invested in the characters, who by and large are not fleshed out at all. They are blank canvases for you and i to relate to, not to be told what to think of them. This is a story that really has so little to do with the actual plot. When you hear the old addage "life is a journey, not a destination", Cormac McCarthy expertly brings that idea to life in The Road. You can feel the despair, the kindred bond, the fear, the absolute love, the sheer terror, the trust and the heartbreak these two endure in their journey, and its something that i can say i have rarely experienced in many books, yet experienced those emotional tugs on nearly every last page of this book. I have never felt so sure about recommending a read to someone, yet ONLY if you know the task that lies ahead of you and are willing to meet it on its terms and not yours. Dive in and enjoy.