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  • Jtealsmith - My "Miracle" CureFor years I have struggle with digestional issues and troubles going to the bathroom. Since using Align, everything has completely changed. I went from hardly beiing able to go once a week or even two weeks sometimes, to now being able to go atleast once a day. I feel less bloated, and a huge sense of relief every day now. I would highly, highly recommend Align to anyone suffering for digestional track issues and/ or people who endure troubles going to the bathroom on a regular basis. Align really has been my "miracle" cure that I've been looking for!
  • califax - Great tabletThe tablet is great. It feels light and handles amazingly well. I use it mainly to correct papers and read the news. Every now and then I watch a movie. After the ICS update it worked without flaws, therefore I can't really see what kind of problems other ppl have with their wifi. However, I have not tried the bluetooth wifi connection, since I don't have a bluetooth headset nor a keyboard. The Wifi is not too strong, but works in all the places (work, home, hotel) where I have tried it.

    The screen is superb. The speaker (yes only one) is not that great, but when traveling I wouldn't wanna miss my headphones anyway.

    The battery time is great. It easily runs as long as my girlfriend's iPad, if not even longer.