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  • Heindrich - Best deal I've got so farFor many hours I continued to search on a good deal for an Xbox on BF this year and wasn't lucky to find the bundle for 199 that came with a couple of games and kinect. After the frustration of seeing all deals were gone and stores were out of it I found this amazon deal here which I did not hesitate to buy immediately... got here in about 3 days as promised.

    The only semi-con about it was the packaging of the free 4 games was very weak..... kind of the one they used back in the day for the demos on ps1. Other than that great product, awesome price and good games.
  • disneybelle101 - Works wonders...just use it properly!!A year ago, I wrapped up a 6-month regiment of Accutane to address my severe acne. I noticed, however, that I began sweating...profusely. Sweating is apparently a very common after-effect of Accutane. Despite the amazing results I had from the medication in relation to my acne, it seemed like I stopped being self-conscious of one thing and started on another. I would start having underarm sweat as soon as I stepped out of the shower. Throughout the day, it wasn't uncommon for me to change my shirt at least once (to tell the truth, though, it was more like two or three times) because of the excessive amounts of underarm sweat I was dealing with. Many of the shirts I wear now have dark sweat stains on them. One of the most embarrassing things that happened was going wedding dress shopping. It was horrible because even though I only had on the dresses I tried on for a minute or two, the part of the dress under my armpits was wet with sweat. You can imagine my embarrassment. I was horrified because I realized I would be sweating even more on my wedding day, which reduced me to tears; I didn't want to feel gross on my wedding day and certainly didn't want to ruin my dress. I wanted to focus on what was important in a wedding, not worry about my armpits. I tried various antiperspirants, the most drastic of which was the day-and-night Certain Dri. I had absolutely no relief from the amount of sweating.

    I came across Sweat Block, and was very skeptical to buy into the hype. A towlette that you wipe on your armpits one night that solves your sweat problems for an entire week? I had my doubts. But I was also desperate and was willing to dish out $20 on something that had a chance of helping me - knowing I was running the risk of wasting $20 if the product didn't work. I'm so glad I made this purchase. The difference made has been incredible. My underarm sweat has been reduced substantially. I still sweat, but it's back to a normal amount. Now, let me give some advice to potential buyers.

    1. Don't feel you have to stick to the instructions. What I do is open one towlette and use it every night for seven days. I do that by keeping it in a ziploc bag. It's more effective that way.
    2. Put it on AT NIGHT. The first time I used it, I used it in the morning and still had sweat problems. It needs to be applied when your sweat glands are less active.
    3. Don't stop using your own deodorant or antiperspirant. This is meant to be used in addition to what you normally use.

    I would advise anyone who suffers from excessive sweat (whether as a natural condition or as the result of medication, as in my case) to use Sweat Block. I don't normally write reviews to promote a certain product because I know not everyone will like it the same way I do, but I made an exception here because I want others to know this isn't a gimmick. It truly has made a difference and I am a much more confident person today than before I started using Sweat Block - which was only a week and a half ago!! This truly is a worthwhile product and definitely worth the $20!
  • Doug Parks - Repeating Cycles of TimeThis book is destined to become Gregg Braden's classic work. In this time of such obvious global change, Gregg gives us the tools to grasp the cycles that are playing out and the wisdom to understand the vital role each one of us plays. The time code calculator I found fascinating, the observations from a scientist enlightening and the uplifting view of 2012 a true gift from a great teacher.
  • Kwana C. Jones-becker - Nearly impossible to put down!I bought and read this series because I'd never seen a book with so many reviews. I thought that whatever this series is about, it must be worth the read...and it was.

    It's a great read. Fast paced and full of interesting detail. Very scary premise that reminds you how things can be when people want/have too much power and control.

    Thanks for adding that extra about Silo 17, Mr. Howey. I was about to be disappointed.