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  • Formula1fanatic - 2011 Season review!!! Just on the game ;-)I ordered this game and when it arrived I did not open it right away. I then had a free weekend, installed this game and I don't think I did one thing around the house!!! I wondered why my wife and kids were packed up and gone (just kidding)!!! I played this game and it was fantastic, great graphics and was a little hard getting use to first but I got the hang of it. Loved the whole concept of this game and the ability to save and continue (bathroom break) from where you left off. I like it that you can pick any team and drive the car, I decided to start with one of the lower teams on the grid and work my way up, pretty tuff, I'll tell ya, but it is just one hell of a game. Love it!!!

    Again, anything bought off of Amazon.com, package ALWAYS delivered on time and packed very well. The "Prime" feature is great with the free shipping, I have been ordering more items off of Amazon and do not have to worry about returns or lost because of the fantastic service they provide.
  • Scooby Snacks "Sign" - Seeing is beleiving!I did not read this book but I used a similar method about seven years ago to get rid of Bartinella that was from a deer tick, my doctor told me it's a strain of cat scratch fever, and two years of intravenous antibiotics could not kill it back around 2001.
    The bacteria was in my spinal fluid according to my doctor and the molecules of the antibiotics were to large to enter into the spinal fluid to kill it and the doctor gave me a year to live.
    But I figured ozone bonded with water "H2O2" was as small of a molecule as one could find, so I did "hydrogen peroxide inhalation therapy" along with the drops in water method. I would like to add that I did extremely higher doses than people are claiming to be in this book. I worked up to 60 drops in eight oz of water every time I drank water thoughout each day While also inhaling it at 6 to 9 pumps per each deep inhale three times in a row every few hours each day for approximately a little over two weeks.
    This my friends, cured my disease!
    "I don't feel that 60 drops in water was a necessary amount to dose but I was just so desperate to be cured, but it did not kill me"
    I found though the water drops method of no great use except for the stomach ulcers.

    It was the inhaling method that could get high enough does directly to the blood stream to completely end Lyme and arthritis.

    There are two dangers that are not talked about anywhere that I have seen and have witnessed and experienced.

    1- if you have ulcers start the water treatment with only one drop three times a day and slowly build the dose to twenty five because the first time my friend did 3 drops and It burned the ulcer in his stomach by killing the ulcer infection, so he backed off to one drop in 8oz three times a day and slowly built it up and in effect the ulcer permanently disappeared.

    2- if you smoke do not inhale till you quit smoking because it cleans your lungs out so well that it dumps nicotine directly into your blood stream and can cause a nicotine overdose and stop your heart.

    the other thing I witnessed this do for my step dad a few years ago was he inhaled it and cured his rheumatoid arthritis. he just didn't like the way it dried out his throat, but you can take a little bit of olive oil before inhaling to help keep this from occurring by coating the throat.

    The inhaling is most effective because it goes straight to the blood like getting an injection of peroxide.

    I have seen and read about how others have quit doing peroxide and other cures because they felt much sicker and thought that it was harming them and so they stopped. but what they failed to know was that in some cases when there are thousands of bacteria dieing all at once that it causes what is called the "die off effect" and the body is dumping out the dead bugs and toxins so they quit treatment and fail to cure themselves. This I find extremely sad!

    My die off lasted 24hrs and I felt like I would die but after recovering from the die off or what is medically called the Herxheimer reaction, I felt like I was reborn and like a teen again, alive with health and energy!

    I could keep on going here to tell many more things I have seen it cure but then this would turn into a book here.

    I hope this helps to encourage people to take it upon themselves to have courage to free themselves from disease.

    Be In It To Win It! and share you experience with success to help get the word out!
  • David M. Douds - Improvement of an Already Awesome Productivity SuiteI have used the Mac version of the Microsoft Office Suite for a very long time, and I consider myself somewhat of an expert on its capabilities and their uses. This latest version of the suite continues a long and distinguished record, and I am very well pleased with its features and capabilities.
  • snshn "snshn" - I have purchased threeI wanted a latte maker that I did not have to stand over and this is it! I am pleased with the quality of coffee it brews and have been using this machine for a year. My son visited and commented on how good the coffee was so I bought him one for his birthday. They were on sale so I bought another one for myself. I also bought a permanent filter for both machines. I use my latte maker every day sometimes twice a day. So it is getting a workout. I do use a plastic scrubber to clean it because if you use a plastic brush it can crack the carraf. It must be hand cleaned daily and not immersed.