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  • Aanand "Aanand" - Not for non-serious listenersIf you're not a serious listner of prog, this album is not for you. It is a slightly difficult album to understand if you're not able to understand the sarcasm created by metaphoric language and also not able to relate music and lyircs.

    But if you're able to to the above two, you'll understand why Pink Floyds are the Gods of prog and why this album is easily their second best (after DSOTM).
  • Kate - Bare MineralsI love it now, but it took some getting used to.
    (SKIP to the last three short paragraphs if you want my abbreviated review).

    Some background: I'm 26 and my skin has never looked better, but that is attributed to a number of factors which I will share because I've had such great success with attaining healthy, glowing skin. I wear sunscreen; I don't use tanning beds; I don't smoke or use drugs (Folks, Have you seen Lindsay Lohan, she's only 25!?! - Her face is far scarier than those PSA's from my childhood with the egg in the frying pan, warning, 'this is your brain.. this is your brain on drugs'); I gently exfoliate once daily; I use Cetaphil daily face wash and moisturizer (I NEVER had an even skin tone before using Cetaphil and actually didn't think it was possible for me!); I give myself an at-home facial 1-2x a month and get a professional facial 1-2x a year; About once a week I'll apply an anti-aging night cream; And I wear Bare Minerals. My skin has never glowed like it does now. I also use the Bare Minerals Glow Pads and love them, but I don't use them daily as directed. They're a bit costly, and I simply don't need to. The two big changes to my skincare routine in the last year are the Cetaphil and Bare Minerals. I'm still astonished by how soft and healthy my skin looks every single time I look in the mirror. And just something to think about- My bathroom sink used to get clogged every month or so, and I'd have to buy the Liquid Plumr and start over. Now with Bare Minerals, my sink doesn't get clogged. Which makes me wonder~ If the makeup I was wearing was doing that to my plumbing, what the HELL was it doing to my skin?

    On to the makeup. The first few days, I had some trouble getting comfortable with the application process and didn't like how I looked with the makeup on. I felt discouraged and didn't understand what all the hype was about. I had watched the DVD that came with the starter kit, but that wasn't working for me. So, I went to YouTube. There, I watched a number of videos on Bare Minerals' application techniques and found a bunch of hints on concealing and more. From then on, everything changed for me. I had a better handle on the swirl, tap, and buff. I always use a face primer. I learned that it is okay to conceal WAY more than they tell you is needed. I know I said I have great skin, but I do have dark circles under my eyes from a slightly deep bone structure that I like to conceal, a couple of freckles, a t-zone that can be prone to oil depending on the weather (I live in New England where it is constantly changing), the occasional pimple, and a few pigment-free spots on my face thanks to Vitiligo. I learned that when it comes to the foundation powder, I have no use for the light face brush, and after concealing I go straight for the full coverage brush. I learned that with the right techniques, the minerals gently heat up as you swirl them into your skin, creating a silky and liquid-like finish. Personally, I like far more warmth than is recommended, but I also like to use it as a bronzing contour on my cheeks followed by a rosy pink blush. I also bought their eye-shadow and hated how it applied with a brush or the small tool it came with because it got everywhere , but loved it once I started simply applying it with my fingertip. Don't forget the mineral veil! I also got discouraged when I found it didn't last all day. A solid half day. But where other makeups have you wash your face and start over to re-achieve that fresh makeup look, Bare Minerals only needs a touch up. A touch up of foundation and mineral veil. And while I'm in there, some more mascara and eye liner (Maybelline & Victoria's Secret, respectively), and I'm Good as new.

    Now, it does not take me 2 minutes to do my makeup in the morning like they say. I wish! Realistically, I spend no longer than 15 minutes on my makeup. The same amount of time I spent applying traditional makeup, but this looks more natural, more flawless, and is far gentler on my skin. I do have sensitive skin, and personally have had no allergic reaction to this product.

    All you really need to get out of my nice long post is that I love Bare Minerals and highly recommend it, along with doing a little application research via YouTube. And, that Lindsay Lohan's face is far scarier than an egg in a frying pan! Just saying. :)

    It has been in my experience over the years, that one product alone will not make or break you (out). It will take more than simply using this makeup to achieve the look Bare Minerals claims to give you. However; If you put in the work, you CAN get those amazing results with this makeup.

    P.S. I work in a restuarant, and not for Bare Minerals or any skin care company. (Yes, I read many of the reviews!) I, too, went through quite the learning curve adjusting to mineral makeup. But in my experience, it has been worth it. Hope this helps someone.
  • Sarah Fuller "Author of Job Searches Beyond t... - Great book for career discovery, growth or changeThis book is very logically organized and easy-to-use. Because of good highlighting throughout text, it is easy to thumb to the sections that you need at a particular time. Book is informative and entertaining so also makes a good read through from the front to back.

    You will find a large section of the book devoted to helping you identify the best career options or career changes for you. Good exercises are included that really make you think about your unique gifts and talents and likes and dislikes. This book is the type that you will refer to over and over from time to time.