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  • Dee E Morgan - AWESOME LIFE COACHING ADVICE-MUST READDr. Phil points out some critical things to look out for in order to prevent being taken advantage of and stresses the NEED to pass it on to your loved ones..especially your kids. Love it but what got my attention most is the part focusing on self change. A must read. Full of some very insightful material.
  • Heather Hill - Great coverageLove the bareminerals foundations. It helps me cover my blemishes and imperfections without overdoing it with liquid foundation. It is very light and hardly can tell you have makeup on. Will never go back to drug store foundation!
  • aea600 - Wonderful bookThis is a beautifully written memoir of an amazing and heroic woman. Ping Fu suffered terrible abuses as a young woman in China during the Revolution. She survived those abuses, was forced to leave her country, and came to America. In America she also had struggles but educated herself, worked very hard and has become a successful entrepreneur and top leader in her field. She does not paint a pretty picture of the Cultural Revolution in China which appears to be the reason for a concerted effort by some to discredited this book and Ping herself. Don't be fooled - read the book and be inspired and impressed with this amazing woman.
  • Richard J. Green - An Essential Food productI am a big fan of spicy food. I love habanero, Mexican food, Indian food, Thai food etc. So I was very excited to see that Amazon carries a Costco-sized version of this great food product. It's great on tacos, on burritos, and it makes a killer vindaloo. The kids don't seem to like it so much. They said something about it feeling like burning glass. Anyway, they're just a bunch of librul crybaby Muslim secular humanist socialist fascists.
  • JC.F A+,Network+,Security+ - Great Bat for a good price.I purchased this bat last summer for my 10yr old Daughter. Though, it was too big for her at the time. This summer she has grown into it and majority of her teams abandon their bats to use hers. Perfect in weight and length for the average preteen girl. My daughter plays slow pitch softball and the ball comes off the bat nice with good contact. Demarini is a good brand that I recommend.