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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • Lee Tyler - Fully met expectationsI am headed to Central America for a 10-day trip. Lots of walking and since their rainy season will be starting about that time, I was looking for something comfortable that could get wet and dry our quickly. I needed something that could transition from casual to semi dressy and these fit the bill. They are truly feather weight, and offer good support.
    I am comfortable in endorsing this product for quality and comfort.
  • Michael Ashe - Definitely one of my favorite supplementsI've tried half a dozen probiotics before finally giving in and trying Align. I avoided it because it's so damn expensive and I thought it was just a big corporation jumping on the probiotic bandwagon. It's also just one strain so I figured some of the multi strain ones would be better. Turns out this is the best one I've tried. The only other one that had such an immediate and obvious effect is the Digestive Advantage brand. But ultimately DA made me a little constipated and just didn't feel quite right. By all means give it a try if money is an issue since it's much cheaper than Align. I also tried Culturelle which is ok but not nearly as spectacular as Align. Align not only reduces gas but makes it less malodorous. I noticed it working within 24 hours. I can't believe such a tiny pill can make a difference. I've been on it about a month. Last week I started drinking Goodbelly probiotics too. They sell it in the yogurt section and this stuff kicks ass too. With Align and Goodbelly combinded, I'm having WAY less gas. This is awesome.

    My other favorite supplement is Carlson's Magnesium Glycinate. Great for moods, energy, abnormal heart beats, and it also gives you awesome vivid dreams. (B6 gives awesome dreams too.)
  • MJ's Dad - Easy install and works wellProduct came quickly and arrived in good shape. The install was quite easy. I'm not really sure why everyone has issues with this install. Even moving the bars was easy, I didn't need any help and was done within 10 minutes. I've used the bars 3 times since the install, carrying as much as my box would fit with quite heavy loads. Bars preformed well and there is no noticable wind noise. Happy I bought these and saved a few bucks.