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  • mike w - Cold air intakeThis product is great. super easy to install took 5 mins to put together and 10 mins to install. took for test drive after installation and could feel more power as soon as i touched the gas pedel. gas mileage has gone up about 1.5 to 2 mile per gallon BUT WITH THE EXTRA POWER its a little harder to go easy on the gas to get that extra mileage. i would put this on any other truck or car i own.
  • Myron A. Schapp "sherry schapp" - Like the sizeI purchased this tablet for one of our field employees who needs to log onto our server to check emails, drawings, etc. Not sure how it works yet as i am not the one using it.
  • bettysunflower - Great characters, an exciting story line!This was my first book by Nalini Singh, but it will not be my last. It has great characters, an exciting story line/plot, and plenty of romance and character interaction.
    Sascha Duncan is a Psy, a group of people that have pushed their feelings and emotions to the back of their minds to the point that they do not experience them any longer. Sascha believes that she is flawed because s is becoming unable to conceal her feelings and fears that she is going insane. If she reveals her emotions to her own kind she will be to sentenced to the horror of "rehabilitation" - which is the complete psychic erasure of everything she is.
    Lucas Hunter is a changeling, part human and part panther. The changelings embrace the very sensations the Psy disdain. These two different races have coexisted for centuries but are now on the verge of war over the brutal murders of several changeling women. Lucas is determined to find the Psy killed his packmate, and h believes that Sascha is his entry into their protected society. He soon discovers that Sascha is very capable of emotion and even passion. The animal in him is excited by her and falling in love.
    I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who loves romantic SciFi.
  • Sir Name - Timbuk2 Command - Great BagThis is a great bag. Very durable, high quality build, VERY functional. Like the fact that more 'modules' can be added inside if needed. I bought the 'Large' version to be used for my 17" laptop (Dell Inspiron 17R)- My only complaint would be that the comp. is a VERY tight fit in the bag- the zipper will scratch the outside of the comp. if not protected (I use a piece of cloth to wrap the laptop as this is all I can make fit). The dimensions of the laptop are 1.4x16.5x10.9 inches. Anything smaller will have a better time fitting. Again, great bag.
  • Hoss "Darren" - Book reviewsI'll explain it slowly for you libs: These spaces are for people to write reviews of the books that are featured. Now I know you don't like to actually read as much as spew your leftist marching order talking-points, but try to actually read something. I know,disappointingly, that there is no current government program that has people read things for you so you don't have to go throught the torture of it for yourself (those darn rich people have things read for them...let's get them).

    Do you really think your low ratings of Ann's books and your hate-filled review screeds are keeping people from buying her books. Good luck.