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  • Reese "Detours" - impressiveI have been sitting on this book and waiting for all the books to come out however I took a chance and it was amazing. Mia is a firecracker and I totally enjoyed her. Usually we see a submissive in all ways be she was different. Gabe was a douche but he redeemed himself in the end. Totally a 5 star read.
  • A Bride to Be - Vets Best Natural Flea & TIck sprayI would recommend this product to anyone, I already have recommended it to a bunch of people. It makes my dogs scratch less. Not only does it work on the fleas but it makes their coat shiny and makes them smell great. I bought the Vets Best Natural pills too which I am not sure which product works better but as a combo I and my pets are much happier.
  • Harriett Kardel - Beautifully written -- disturbing -- but beautifulThis is the story of a father's love for his son, but also the story of the worst elements of human beings. I had to put the book aside at times because it was disturbing -- but what kept me reading was the depths of goodness inherent in this father and small son he was raising to be good -- in the face of the possible death of mankind. McCarthy never disappoints. He tells the story through the actions of these two people, and their conversation.
  • S. Smerud - A big step up in sound quality, and easy to useThe Bose Solo has great sound, including a deep bass, in a relatively small package. The remote has four buttons, is ergonomic, and easy to use. Set up was as simple as plugging it in, connecting one of the three provided audio cables, and going into the TV menu to turn off the TVs internal speakers.

    I was so glad to mute my Samsung, and replace the sound with the Bose Solo. The Samsung has a great picture, but the sound could be improved upon. Now I have both a great picture, and a clear rich sound. It's not surround sound (and doesn't claim to be), but the sound still fills the room well.

    The package came with the speaker, remote, batteries, and audio cables (optical digital, coaxial digital, and analog stereo).

    Note: The Bose Solo will only fit under TVs that weigh no more than 40 pounds (18 kg) and have bases no wider than 20 inches (508 mm). If your TV is 32" or more, you'll want to check the size of the base. Of course, if you have a shelf above or below your TV, you don't have to worry about placing your TV directly on the Bose Solo.
  • yo-tambien - Outstanding, Complex & ThoroughAn outstanding animistic take of our world. Abram approaches the multifaceted phenomenology of human perception from the vantagepoint of our hunter-gatherer/tribal kin in relation to the modern world and how we shifted our senses to be who we are today. Abram's view is in-depth, much more so than I could adequately follow at times (my deficit, not his), and he establishes part of his thesis by asserting how: "Conventional scientific discourse priviledges the sensible field in abstraction from sensory experience, and commonly maintains that subjective experience is 'caused' by an objectifiable set of processes in the mechanically determined field of the sensible. Meanwhile, New Age spiritualism regularly priviledges pure sentience, or subjectivity, in abstraction from sensible matter, and often maintains that material reality is itself an illusory effect caused by an immaterial mind or spirit. Although commonly seen as opposed world-views, both of these positions assume a qualitative difference between the sentient and the sensed; by prioritizing one of the other, both of these views perpetuate the distinction between human 'subjects' and natural 'objects,' and hence neither threatens the common conception of sensible nature as a purely passive dimension suitable for human manipulation and use." To top it off, although Abram's focus is on the phenomenology of perception, with emphasis given to language, the rise of the alphabet and phonetic writing, he acknowledges this view is merely part of vast-ranging processes that contributed to a fundamental cultural behavioral shift for humanity: from those who celebrated the surroundings within which they lived (simply, hunter-gatherers) to those that view themselves as separate from and dominant over the life-world in which they coexist in (us, the people of modern cultures). In other words, Abram leaves open the fact that "many other factors could have been chosen" for which to focus on, for instance, the rise of arable agriculture roughly 10,000 years ago. Abram's book flows with the complexity, subtlety and beauty of our natural world, so I recommend it with caution, that in our modern, so-called civilized age, many of us, though intrinsically capable of animistic awareness (because, as living beings, we are ultimately part of the same space, time and matter of that in which we inhabit), have been dulled on a daily basis by modernities and our incessant cultural commotion. Be that as it may, this work may be difficult to follow, especially if approached from a linear, mechanistic, technocratic viewpoint. Correspondingly, Abram is clear to remind us that this work is more about "a style of thinking ... that associates truth not with static fact, but with a quality of a relationship." The Spell of the Sensuous is a one-of-a-kind document of animistic awareness. It is a brilliant compliment to aspects of Daniel Quinn's work as well as the efforts of many others concerned about the "depths of our ongoing reciprocity with the world."