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  • Shelly Steele - Really works!I finished one 4 week cycle of this diet and lost 11 pounds without exercising. I expect to lose more in the next cycle when I actually start exercising. I feel better, healthier and have more energy. I really like the recipes in the diet and the extensive food lists for each phase, so I don't have to stick with recipes, just the right foods. I have never been a fan of cooking, but I found these recipes easy to follow and actually enjoyed the cooking part. I hope Haylie Pomroy puts out another cooking book for the phase recipes. Having tried many other diets and weight loss programs before, I think the biggest difference between them and this diet is the variety of the 3 phases per week, you don't get tired of eating the same thing every day. Also, the amount of fresh non-processed food has been great. From someone who used to live off frozen meals, this has been a huge improvement. I don't feel hungry either, because the more you want to lose, the more you have to eat. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has done the diet yo-yo like I have.
  • Luz Flores - It really meet my expectations!I highly recommend Garcinia Cambogia. It has really helped me lose those couples of inches that I was having trouble getting down. I exercise regularly and do watch what I eat. I checked my body fat within a week that I started taking the pills and it was down to the normal range for me. I was extremely excited. I do feel that my body has changed in a positive way. It has also given the energy that I was lacking. I highly do recommend this product however, I will also encourage to combine it with exercise. I am almost finish with my first bottle and ready to order a second.
  • Tangle - I Love my TabletI love, love my tablet. It's my whole, personal world all wrapped up in a 8 1/2 x 10 inch square tablet. I thought at first I would be able to share this with my boyfriend but I find it to be a very personal thing. It's MY TABLET! I'm still learning the various differences of a tablet vs computer, but Samsung has a manual you can download and what? read it on your TABLET. I just love it.