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  • S. Kuang - Very high tech GPS and would help non-english speaking people too.Got this for my parents and they love it! They speak cantonese and we needed to find a GPS that they would understand. This GPS is amazing. I would use this in my own car over my iPhone.

    What suprised me about this GPS is that it tells me the speed limit and what speed im currently going. That way I don't "accidentally" speed. Also, on the upper left hand corner, it shows me how many lanes are currently on my side of the road. For example, if i'm on the freeway and there is four lanes on my side of the road, it will show four lanes, and it will also show the rules for those rules.

    For example, I am on a four lane freeway and there is an exit coming up which im supposed to turn off of. It will tell me which lanes i can take for the exit, either only the farthest one on the right or that one AND the one next to it. Its pretty amazing i think.
  • Krzy8 - worked for meI purchased this after the doctor put me on an antibiotic for 6 months for reoccurring bacteria infections, I felt like I was allergic to my husband :(. I also felt like I was having more yeast problems with the antibiotic so I needed something besides yogurt (which I hate). After a week of taking this I felt so much better, no more burning or itching and my sex life is so much better. I went to the doctor for a check up 2 weeks after using this and I was clean no more bacteria/yeast. I still have to take my antibiotic 2 times a week for 2 more months. she said to continue to use the pro-b. I'm very excited to have found this product.
  • bookworm - AWSOME!!!!!I think I liked Divergent better than this one but it was still great. A word of advice STOP here. By that I mean don't read the next book (Allegent) without reading the rievews! I have'nt finished it yet but what read in the rievews it was terrible. So just make up your own ending unless you don't mind being disappointed.
  • Paul V Sorrentino "PS619" - Great readI like the format. Short and meaningful thoughts related to a Scripture passage (or occasionally a non-Biblical Christian author) followed by a prayer. It has heightened meaning to know that these were devotionals sent to Barack Obama each day by Joshua DuBois. The devotions are pithy and meaty.
  • A Customer - Makes rattlecans as ergonomic as a pro sprayerVery comfortable, no more sore fingers and wrists from rattlecans. Very easy to use, as simple as it gets.

    After several cans' worth of use, the only con I see about it is that individuals with weaker hands may have trouble getting it on and off easily. When it snaps on, it's on there pretty well in my experience.