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  • E. Lisansky "mrnews" - Kept Our Horse On Track

    This product did an excellent job of preventing our one-horsepower vehicle from being distracted as we clip-clopped through the remains of Old Detroit. There's nothing worse than peripheral vision in a beast of burden. They can get spooked by the sudden appearance of a Mustang, Bronco, Impala, or Cougar. To keep our new-fangled surrey on the straight-and-narrow, there's nothing better than a good set of blinders. What? Oh.....
    Never Mind.

  • terrell jenrette - dope

    The tablet looks brand new I am happy with my purchase. I was a little nervous after reading a few bad reviews

  • Carolyn Allbritton - Easy Weight Loss

    I rated this food plan a five because it is super easy to follow and there are food lists and recipes for each phase. I especially liked the rationale behind the phases, and the suggestions for an activity plan to enhance and benefit the metabolism of the foods on each phase.

    The only problem is viewing the different recipes from the Kindle...really need a book to use this one frequently, which I do.