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  • Postal Suzi "Marti" - I broke my potI was washing my pot and hit it against the side of the sink and cracked it. I checked Amazon and Mr Coffee and could not find a replacement. Then I went to Google and found EREPLACEMENTS.COM They had 10 in stock ($19.98 plus shipping). I tried to checkout online but it would not go thru (they were having problems with the website on Sunday 2/17) I called them on Monday (President's Day) and placed my order. I received my replacement pots (I bought a backup)and had them by Wednesday.I LOVE my latte maker !! I can make it any way I want and with the ingredients I choose to put in it. Over all it is LOTS cheaper than having to find a Starbucks ! I have also ordered the Frappe maker and look forward to its arrival!
    Ranch wife in Arizona
  • Happiness - Life CodeDr. Phil thank you so much for writing this book and Jay for publishing it, I found myself in here so many ways and I have changed my life around, I stay away from people who hurt me all the time and are always gossiping and I fell like a "NEW PERSON" , I know longer take blood pressure medicine and I have peace within me, thank you so much.

  • Kerrymarie - Basic Quick ReviewI bought this external hard drive(500GB) because I wanted to use it with my new laptop to play world of Warcraft and the laptop didnt have enough memory to run the game.
    Bought the drive plugged it in and the laptop(running windows 8) recognized it right away. I installed the software deleted some excess files that come on the external hard drive then unplugged it and took it to my desktop that has world of Warcraft installed. Dragged and dropped the file into the external hard drive it took about an hour to transfer everything, which to me is great considering its over a 20gb file because of all the expansions and patches.
    Took it back out to my laptop fired up the drive again clicked on the game and it played perfectly fine.
    No lags maybe a little slower loading to after entering your character into the world but no game play issues and for me that deserves 5 stars.

    If anything goes wrong ill be sure to update.
    But I would recommend this to anyone!
  • B. Marshall Wood - It took some time, but this is the product you want.In the spirit of being brief, this is the monitor you want. Particularly if want access via your smartphone etc. Dont waste any more time than you have already, just buy this one.

    However, you will undoubtedly face what most others have, and perhaps the extended version that I encountered, and that is the set up can take some time and will try your patience. BUT if you have someone as talented, patient and qualified as Errol helping you with online support, then you will very pleased with your monitor and it's operation by the time you are done.

    You will have to request via email, phone or both, assistance in getting set up, and Errol assured me set up can be done in as little as 20 minutes. I believe him, but since I am one of those high frequency people, things like smart phones, routers, ipods, anything technical always seems to give me more glitches than most. And thus was the case here. But after three phone/internet sessions, we were up and running! Errol was easily the most amazing and supportive customer service representative that i have EVER had the pleasure (in this case) of working with.

    And the picture is clear, very little delay, it looks amazing on my iphone 5 and loads very fast. Our baby is 3 weeks old today, and we have been considering this purchase long before he was born. Wifi Baby is the Go! And if you get Errol, you will be hooked up.