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  • Kimberly Pulver - Great Product easy assemblySo After waiting for this item for nearly 2 weeks the second box came yesterday and I put it together. Putting it together with 2 people is a big help but it think that 1 could do it I put it together in 2 1/2 hours mostly on my own. The springs were not to hard to pull back and I am a small person I am just 5 foot tall and 115 lbs with not a lot of strength and I got it put together. My kids love it they jumped on in it all night. It seems to be of good solid quality materials. I would recommend using a drill to get your screws in as it made it quicker and I had a bit of a hard time getting them in with just a phillips screw driver. The enclosure was also easy to assemble while a little bit more confusing than the trampoline but we got it together with no more than one silly mistake that was easy to fix. So far this has been a great product.
  • Shelly - Wonderful Product!I have to admit, I have never written a review on any product I have purchased online. However, the reviews for this product are what motivated me to purchase it so I thought it only fitting to review it myself. I came across this product when searching for ANYTHING that might work to reduce the excess head, face, and neck sweating that I have experienced off and on for a number of years, but in the past couple of years, the sweating has increased to a point of embarrassment. I am 46 yrs old and I have found no correlation to physical activity, the temperature of a room/outdoors, or anything I eat or drink. The sweating may start while I am just sitting in church. The only place I sweat is on my face (under my eyes and on my upper lip), head (along hairline - runs down my face) and on my neck (actually drips from my hair!). After having been to the doctor and having my thyroid and other labs checked, the excess sweating was eventually blamed on early menopause. The thing is, it is not a "hot flash" it is just plain old excessive sweating at random times. I have an executive level job, do a fair amount of presentations, and have interactions with Boards of Directors, etc. and I had a needed to find something that would work. I never know when the sweating will start - no stress, anxiety, or strenuous activity is needed. Needless to say, VERY frustrating and embarrassing.

    I had not tried any product previously for the excess sweating. I have been using Sweat Block for only 2 weeks and I have not had one sweating espisode! It is amazing! I did have a some episodes fo a "damp" feeling on my head (which I suspect would have been a full-blown sweat episode previously), but I can deal with feeling "damp" vs. drenched; my hair wasn't dripping and my face/neck was dry. I used the wipes (I have been able to use each wipe more than once) for 3 nights in a row and then again after a week. They have a bit of a smell and dry your skin out some, but i can totally deal with that to have no sweating. I have very sensitive skin on my face and while it burned/tingled some about 5 mins after using the wipes, I did not break out or anything, which was a concern for me. I know the packaging says the wipes are for the underarms only, but I took a chance after reading other reviews and I have not been disappointed. It was certainly worth the cost of the purchase to try Sweat Block and I am hopeful the favorable results will continue long term.
  • BookMan - Spray on some holiday cheer and have a religious experience at the same time!Are you tired of dealing with peaceful students? Concerned that they may offend your Fascist sensitivities? Not to worry! Just a few quick squirts into the faces of benign young scholars will do the trick! Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream is guaranteed to rid most areas of just about anything that gets your panties in a knot!

    MK-9 is not only a great pesticide but is quite versatile: in fact, the renowned UC Campus Police Lt. John Pike has perfected its use as a tool for creating performance art - just in time for the Thanksgiving Holidays! A few simple squirts will fill the air with a festive fall orangey color and smells great (although it's a bit more reminiscent of those HOT summer days than the waning days of autumn).

    If you're not into pesticides or holiday décor, Lt. John Pike has also offered his contributions to the culinary arts, here's the recipe for his savory "pepper spray delight":

    1. Acquire a sufficient number of students
    2. Bundle them together (arm linking is very effective)
    3. Turn up the heat
    4. Spray on liberal amounts of MK-9

    Isn't that simple? No cooking required so this recipe can be used almost anywhere!

    Not surprisingly, MK-9 has many medical uses: although we wouldn't recommended it (and the UC Davis Campus Police haven't yet conducted clinical trials - at least none that have yet been published), it is suspected that this product would offer the ultimate in colon cleansing! (Wouldn't be great if Fox News Anchor, Megan Kelly, volunteered for product testing as part of a reality show?) Defense Technology's research division has, however, demonstrated that their product is highly efficacious as an eye wash. Indeed, pepper spray is even capable of providing a religious experience. Just think, you can experience something right out of Bible and can even relive Apostle Paul's defining moment in history by experiencing temporary blindness. The anecdote, however, is simple - merely enroll at the University of California campus near you (warning, tuition is subject to change at any moment) and recite their motto - "Fiat Lux" (Let there be light)! It's probable that your eyesight will eventually be restored. Note: results will vary.
  • TrueTK45 - True BelieverI used to sweat profusely all year long. I tried the high strength deodorant and a couple other products, with no luck. Saw this on Rachael Ray and thought I would give it a shot. First application didn't work so I retried another one a couple days later. After the second try, I was dry free. It felt amazing! Now I can go 10 days without a new application of this stuff! Always need this on hand. Love it!
  • Betsee - Inspiring historical account!Just like Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln, this is a wonderful historical account! Being very familiar with the biblical account, it is great to know what was going on in the world during the time of Christs life and death. God chose this particular period in history to reveal His Son to give His people hope and life!