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  • Mayank Minglani - On the way to Healing PsoriasisHi All
    I am Psoriasis victim from the time I was a young kid. I did try topical treatment, allopathy medicines, homeopathy medicines and what not, but flares never went away completely. Since I have Psoriasis on my feet I never really bothered much but about 4-5 months ago I decided to transform my lifestyle and thats when I got hold of this book. I read this book but never really followed much. But a month ago, I started making the lifestyle changes recommended in this book and within a month I can see the changes in my skin. My skin is healing than never before. Definitely recommend this book and for people who are ordering this books read the review of C. Spark, he definitely has some startup tips till the time you dont finish reading the book.

    Update - May 25, 2010
    Hi All,
    Voila, My psoriasis is down to 5%. Last 5%, that's it. After suffering for more than a decade, I am about to get rid of Psoriasis for good. What is in the book definitely works....
  • wroclaw82 - Useful ResourceThis is a very useful resource in the medical school application process. It gives essential information in an accesible format.
  • Jeff B "Jeff" - It's aliveI received my 920 3 days ago and I'm not sure I've put it down since.

    OS - After tiring of the endless pages of icons ala IOS for 2 years, I was hooked on Windows phone once 7.5 came out.
    7.5 was peppy. Windows Phone 8 absolutely screams now that it supports multiple core processors. This is a first class mobile OS in my opinion and has no problem competing with IOS and Android. Plus, it feels alive. Live tiles make the screen jump out at you and it's true, a lot of times you don't even need to fire up an app to get the information you need. But it only (?) has 125,000 some odd apps or so to IOS's 700,000. I've yet to find an app I need that I can't get on Windows Phone 8. It may have a different name than you expect, but this "app deficit" you hear about is nonsense in my opinion. Every major app I can think of is here. Web browsing is awesome. IE on Windows Phone is a million times better than IE on your desktop (they should just use it there too!). All the apps just seem to work together and the integration is fantastic, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, it all shows up for your contacts.

    Hardware - You could hammer a nail into a 2x4 with this phone. It feels like it's made of aluminum or magnesium. It's a pleasure to hold and looks amazing. The matte colors especially (blue & black), I'm not a huge fan of the glossy ones (white, yellow, etc.) but that's a matter of personal preference. Gorilla Glass 2, wireless charging, NFC, it's all here as well. It is heavier than an ultralight phone? Yes, in the same way that a Honda is heavier than a Yugo. Is it made of plastic? Yes, in the same way that a bullet proof vest is made of plastic. If you haven't, go look up how this phone does in drop tests / durability tests. You'll be very impressed. One thing about the battery, and I've also read this elsewhere, the first charge runs out abnormally fast, just a few hours, but then it's fine. The battery seems to need to be primed. When you get the phone, fully charge it, then let it fully drain through normal use (I got about 6 hours of charge). Then fully charge, let it drain completely again. By the 3rd time, my phone lasts well over 24 hours on a charge with everything including NFC turned on and plenty of use. So just be aware you need to fully charge / fully deplete the battery a few times.

    Cons: I'd have to force myself to find some. I noticed Nokia Drive (beta), which is a great turn by turn navigation app exclusive to Nokia, seems to get tripped up a bit when you don't follow it's directions exactly and can take a few seconds to catch up to your actual position again. But otherwise it's great, it has several voices you can download and also lets you download maps ahead of time on wi-fi so you don't have to do it over cellular while you're driving. If I think of any others I'll put them up here.

    Summary - Pure awesome, highly recommended. You'll love your phone again.

    UPDATE 11/24 -- After many more hours playing with this phone: The start screen is absurdly customizable. It's literally a blank canvas and you create whatever layout suits you. Whoever came up with Windows Phone 8 was saying "YOU should figure out what your phone should look like, not us". As far as the battery goes, I keep fully charging, fully discharging it, and I'm easily getting a day and a half on a single charge now with everything turned on and quite a bit of use. I'll keep updating.
  • Mitchell C. Webb - Norton Does the JobI work in technology and am responsible for administering Symantec Endpoint Protection - the Enterprise version of Norton. I have used Norton for years and always read the reviews of this and other protection products. Norton is typically the PC Magazine Editor's Choice. If it is not, it is always a top performer. I always recommend Norton. You can't go wrong with this on your machine.