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  • Somaseven7 - VISTA love!I LOVE LOVE LOVE my UPPAbaby VISTA (2012 model, in Drew-- tangerine with graphite black frame). Dare I say, this is a sexy stroller.

    My daughter is 16 months old now, and really enjoys this stroller. It was beneficial to have the seat facing me while was younger, and now that she is older the seat is forward-facing. As many people have mentioned, it is a huge advantage to have several different options for seat recline. And the basket.... oh my gosh the basket! I have upset many people at Target when they get in line behind me thinking I'll be quick since I don't have a shopping cart...wrong! I can load up the under storage basket with SO MUCH STUFF!!!

    Another MAJOR advantage of this stroller is the weight distribution. I can have my diaper bag and a few other grocery bags hanging from the handle bar (I have the Might Buggy hooks--another great product, FYI), and the stroller DOES NOT TIP OVER. It's helpful because I can load my daughter into the car first, and then worry about putting the bags into the car (whereas with our previous stroller I would have to put bags away first before taking my daughter out of the stroller, otherwise it would tip over).

    There are several other positive features about this stroller, as many other users have mentioned, such as the very smooth ride (don't have to worry about putting air in the tires either); great air circulation; extended canopy; foot brake; easily adjustable harness; option to add rumble seat for 2nd child; etc.

    There are two things that my husband loves about this stroller: 1) the handle bar is height adjustable (he is 6'3"), and 2) the black/orange color combination.

    This stroller is HEAVY. We live in Chicago, but very rarely take the train or bus (and would not take this stroller even if we did). If you have to rely on public transportation, this stroller is not for you--it will kill your back! Just lifting it in and out of our SUV's trunk sometimes hurts my lower back if I don't remember to "lift with my legs."

    Overall, the UPPAbaby VISTA is on the pricey end, but is worth every penny in my opinion, especially when compared to its competitors.
  • Jack - A must buy for residentsThis is one of two handbooks that is considered a must buy for interns and residents. I had this in my pocket during all my residency, since there are new drugs all the time. This handbook is small, easy to put in your white coat pocket, and has everything you need to know on the spot regarding antibiotics and sensitivities. Have a patient with a UTI who is Sulfa allergic? This handbook will tell you what to prescribe. A great buy at a great price.
    I also highly recommend that new interns and residents pick up Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia 2012 Classic Shirt-Pocket Edition. This is probably the booklet that I used the most as a resident, and still often refer to it as a practicing doctor today. There are new medications every day, and this book helps you keep track of them.
  • tim leigh - Great PriobioticI am a certifiable health nut. I have my Biomedical Engineering degree from Gatech and must say alot of research pertaining to probiotics is going on in the health world. This product has helped me regulate bowel movements without caffeine. Helped me wean off of caffeine sugars and alcohol with limited WD effects. Ultimately, I have used it for about a month and lost some boating, some fat and seem to crave better foods for my body :)