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  • bookfan - I Kissed Dating GoodbyeThis book has roamed all over the place in my apartment and amongst my friends. Joshua Harris wrote this book really well. Though, I do not agree with him with some of the things he says, i would recommend this book to younger audiences, mainly teenagers. Parents, this is something that I wished my parents would have given me.
  • kizzy - goodjust what i wanted help in every way to fine info on drug that we use each day at the hospital
  • cindy harpring - Great Eating PlanThis eating plan works. I had more energy and lost weight. You have to make some changes, but it is worth it. And you only have to follow the rules for 28 days. It has been months and I am still living the plan because I feel so much better. A fresh approach to dieting....Did I Eat Today, instead of deprivation.
  • K. Roberts - Great ResourceThis was a great resource in planning the details of my trip in October. There is a lot of helpful information on where to order tickets for tourist attractions including website to pre-order. Also included was the location of restrooms at popular tourist attractions, which in Europe can be hard to find.