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  • works - Rogaine and PropeciaI use both Rogaine and Propecia (both in the off brand form) the pills cost me $70 for a 6 month supply from Direct Drugs out of Texas/UK. The 3 month supply of off brand Rogaine at wall-mart lasts for a little over a 3 months for me and costs about $20. I am 19 and have a bald spot starting on the crown of my head and a receding hair line up front. I am about 2.5 months in and the bald spot had a circle with thin hair around it, now the spot has thick hair around it and is noticeably smaller not gone yet but shows sighs it will go all the way away soonish. My receding hair line was thin on both sides and rising up on my forehead and somewhat thin in the middle. No there is no thin hair on either side or in the middle my hair line has not really came down but is much thicker and I am going to start applying the rogaine at the hair line to try to get it to come down a little better. All together I am very satisfied my hair is thicker faster than results were supposed to show I am not there yet but will be completely unbald hear soon I would recommend this to anyone at least to try it out be patient with it though results are not over night but you will be more confident knowing you are doing something about it. And I have had no heart problems and no flaky skin. I actually got a prescription for the pill from my doctor (not covered by insurance because its cosmetic but the prescription can be used out of the country for less money) my doctor even was happy I was taking the pill because my BP was right on the borderline of being high for my age and one possible side effect of propecia is lowering BP I STRONGLY RECOMMEND BOTH!
  • consuela banks - I love it!I was wanting to buy an Ipad for myself. However, my husband still needed to be dragged into the 21st century, so I bought the Galaxy Tab 2 for him, since it also has a good reputation. Well, I am the one using it, and I really like it!! It's the first tablet for either of us, so I can't compare it with anything else, but it's so versatile. It's a wonderful computer substitute away from home.
  • Shaun Noble - 2011 Tachyon XC Micro Helmet CameraI've had a couple of requests to review this camera but i've held off as i want to give it a few months of use before doing so. After being involved in a RTA hit and run on my scooter , were a car driver sandwiched me into the side of another car and cleared off leaving me in the road with a broken leg i decided it would be a good idea to film my rides just incase lightening struck twice ! The criteria i set out was it had to be rugged , waterproof ( for the good British summer weather ) and record for a good lenght of time. Picture quality had to be good but didn't need to be HD and sound wasn't to important as who wants to listen to aload of wind whistle anyway.I'm happy to say this little camera has lived up to what it said on the box. I use a 16gb 10 speed card which means no download stutter , the files are recorded in 1-2gb files there by if the batteries fail the whole recording isn't lost. The instruction say use Enegizer batteries which can work out expensive i use Enegizer rechargables ( it does say not to use rechargable batties in the instructions but i've not had any problems ) all in all this is a great helmet camera and a few of my friends are looking into these as they are great value for money.
  • Mary Buker - Kindle Fire HD 7"I love my Kindle Fire HD. It is lightweight and easy to use. (It has to be easy for me to like it.) It is so convenient having all my books at my fingertips. When I want to look something up...there it is! If I need to use the internet...there it is! If I want to watch a movie or listen to an audio Kindle takes care of it. I don't need a million cookbooks any longer, because my Kindle stands on the counter with the recipe in plain sight. I can carry it to church and use it in my Primary Class. If I need to look up a problem. Well, I could go on all night singing the praises of my Kindle, but I won't. The only complaint I have is that I cannot download books from Deseret. Hope they change that soon.
  • Kate B. "The Book Monsters" - Great Little Hard DriveI have been looking at getting a new hard drive for a while. And have been interested in the newer 3.0 usb. When I saw the Seagate Backup Plus 500 GB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive, I knew this might just be the one for me.

    The first thing that I noticed about this hard drive is how small it is. It is about the size of a deck of card but about half a thick. So it is very easy to tote around. In transferring files, this thing flies.

    Overall, I am super impressed with Seagate Backup Plus 500 GB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive. It has plenty of memory to get the job done. Small enough to carry around. And the speed is impressive. I know if I am looking for a replacement in the future, I will be getting another one of these.