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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Brett "Technology Evangelist" - Unequaled insight!Robert brings an amazing perspective to the way he views the world. He's incredibly intelligent, open minded (though sometimes stubborn), and has a child like enthusiasm that's contagious. "Age Of Context" brings this perspective to our changing world and shows how social relevance is the new currency.
  • Ryan McGlashen - Great shoe with excellent supportI just started running (actually walk/run) about a month ago and was experiencing some cramping in my legs and pain in my heels. After talking with my doctor and friends who run regularly they all recommended investing in a good pair of running shoes. I was stretching pre and post but was still experiencing the discomfort. So when I did my research and checked out reviews I came across these Mizunos. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I've had them for two weeks and have not experienced any pain and the cramping has minimized. The extra support in the heel area is amazing. They are by far the most comfortable show I own. I will gladly recommend them to a friend.
  • Rebecca Scarborough "rebscar" - The Moral LandscapeI just received my copy of "The Moral Landscape" and have not yet finished the intro. I have read both of Harris's previous books and this one promises to be as insightful. I believe that Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett are doing Western society a tremendous service by helping us to think clearly about matters of faith and morality. I've wondered for a long time why science would cede so much territory to religion when it didn't seem necessary to me. We don't need religion to develop a sense of morality, indeed, if we simply decided that we would be kind to one another because it makes more sense than being cruel that would be enough to change "the moral landscape" for ourselves and the world.
  • Ricky Blue "stadtkind78" - decent and helpfulIt's a pretty good review guide and I'm crossing my fingers that the scores it's giving me are close to accurate because they're right around where I want them to be.

    I've skimmed the book and it seems helpful enough, though I maybe got more out of the ETS guide.

    I think it would be more helpful in the online versions if it gave a more thorough explanation of the math problems.

    UPDATE: I only ever managed to do one of the practice tests but it was very accurate as to what the test was like and maybe even a little harder. I'm happy to say I actually got a higher score from the real test than from the practice test. Hurrah! That said, I didn't really study from this book at all. I skimmed through it. The practice test I took was great though because it showed me exactly what I needed to review and the tests were less buggy as far as the weird display issues with the ETS book's practice tests.
  • Renee - My favorite pan!Got this as a gift from my dad and I LOVE it!! I don't know how other people are using this pan, but for me, it works far better than either of my other "non-stick" pans. It's super easy to clean because hardly anything sticks to it--if anything, I'll have stuck food around the screws that hold the handles on. I've used it for a couple months now with no problem. Just treat it right and season it properly!