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  • Prescott Mom - Does what it claims: Makes great lattes!My Krups coffee/espresso maker quit and I needed a replacement. I rarely used it for cappuccino because it was too much of a pain so I wanted something simpler. After reading the reviews here, I decided to try this unit but expected to be disappointed. (I'm still concerned about it breaking after a few months so will update later.) The pros are it's easy, quiet, fast and produces an excellent latte so I'll address some of the cons from other reviewers.

    -Not real espresso: If you do not want milk mixed with your coffee, and your coffee and foam must be steamed, this product is not for you. It uses the drip-process for the coffee and mixes in hot foamy milk. However, it doesn't claim to be for espresso.

    -Not enough foam: I can't figure this out unless the reviewers used whole milk or cream. 2% would work fine, and with skim or soy milk, you actually have to decrease the amount or you get way too much foam.

    -Foam isn't dense enough: I stir the foam a few times before spooning it out of the pot and it's dense enough for me but I'm not that picky.

    -Coffee not strong enough: Experiment for your own taste. It takes TWICE as much coffee as a regular coffee maker because you're mixing it with milk. I use Starbucks Dark Roast Espresso (already ground--horrors!), and it's fine for me. I had to switch to decaf one day because I was drinking too many lattes and only had Folger's Hazelnut in the house but that was yummy, too. This isn't an exact science; just play around with it.

    -Water level not well marked: Maybe this has been improved since some old reviews were posted but this isn't a problem. There's a white plastic indicator at the back of the water container. It has droplet-shaped cut-outs that clearly show 2 drops for the 2-cup level, 1 drop for 1-cup level.

    -Not dishwasher safe: It takes seconds to clean by hand. The coffee is so hot, you'll have to wait to drink it anyway so clean the pot or at least rinse the pot and frother immediately so the milk doesn't cook on. I was surprised at how quick and easy clean-up was from all the comments. If you're having a problem, get one of those sponges with the long plastic handle that holds dishwashing soap.

    -Not for plain coffee: True. The frother/heater always has to be started to brew coffee so this will NOT replace your coffee maker unless you always want lattes--which is my new approach to mornings. HOWEVER you can make a regular 8 oz cup of coffee by substituting water for milk and using 4 oz of water in both the water container AND in the pot. Use 2 to 4 tablespoons of coffee depending on how strong you want the end result.

    -Permanent coffee filter not included: This type of filter isn't included with most coffee makers so no surprise. It would be nice but no biggie. Buy one or use paper.

    Additional comments: Before your first brew, follow instructions and clean the unit by "brewing" with water in top container and the pot. My only other comment is to go ahead and make 2 cups instead of 1 or you'll have to brew again in a few minutes. You'll see; it's that good.

    UPDATE: One month later and still loving my lattes every day. I have adjusted measurements so use 3 tablespoons of coffee, 1 1/2 cups water in upper container and 1/2 cup milk with 1/2 cup water in the pot. Perfect amount for larger mugs. Silk Vanilla Soy Milk is the best and even 1/2 cup makes more foam than I need.
  • Gary B. White, M.D. - A Serious Diet for a Serious DiseaseThis is a serious book meant for those who suffer with serious disease and meant to be followed precisely. The book dictates a meticulous diet which in my experience produces good results among those who follow it faithfully. Those who merely thumb through, give it a glance, and fail to follow its instruction will invariably fail, while those who read it, study and follow it closely have a better than good chance of improving their condition. Of course it must be used in conjunction with good medical advice, proper medication and aggressive follow up by a trained physician.
  • Christopher Powell "Christopher" - Great receiver - network astute.This Denon is an easy decision for a mid-size room 7.1 speaker system. I am using it to power (7) 8"in wall speakers.

    I had an existing Onkyo tx-nr616 that was very quirky so all of my connections were ready to swap quickly. The speaker terminals don't accept banana plugs horizontally, but will do so vertically and have effective space on the back to make this possible without covering other jacks. The only other jack that I ran into problems with was the CD audio... so I insulated with tape to prevent inadvertent contact. I first I didn't like this approach, but it certainly reduces the depth of the cabinet for supporting banana plugs.

    In addition to my 7 speakers, I plugged in two HMDI sources and the hdmi TV output to a Samsung 60" PN60E7000 plasma display and a cat5 network cable. Turning on the receiver for the first time, it connected to the network and identified an update with a timeframe of 41 minutes. Accepting this update takes the 41 minutes that it claims, which is mostly tied to the update process, not the firmware download.

    I had read about this unit before purchasing, so instead of using the remote for setup, I found the Denon on my computer's network folder. Double clicking this opened my browser to the control page for the Denon. This made setup 100% easier than mashing remote buttons. Spotify and Pandora account email and passwords take 2 seconds through this network connection. The unit is default set to support 5.1 with secondary zones. I changed this setting through the network, and plugged in the audessy mic for initial speaker setup. It's a traditional setup process, allowing for measurement at more listening positions than I need, effectively adjusting tone and volume.

    The remote isn't much to write home about and I don't really intend on using it since the receiver will accept 2 way hdmi commands from the TV.
    Pandora was quick and easy and playing my mix in no time... and as others have said, from a Windows 8 PC, you can select a file and choose to "play to" the receiver. This works great with audio files mp3/mp4.. I don't know if video works - I usually stream video straight to the screen.

    Sound is great and has autoleveling to deal with crazy TV loud commercials. I love it... the onkyo tx-nr616 is going on craigs list.