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  • justsomeguy - Saved my computer once, and so I keep going back.I know McAfee is like the standard these days, along with Norton - and so you have people who either love or hate it. But I have to give my props to McAfee, for saving one of my computers. I had a big issue with a laptop: I was regularly using ccleaner (that's CCleaner - two C's) to clean up my system, but it screwed things up, and I couldn't get into my PC - it was messed up - I couldn't get stuff to run or get online. I did manage to find that McAfee makes semi-regular backups or images of my PC - and by using one of them to reboot my PC with an earlier configuration, I was able to get everything working perfectly fine. So, it really saved me.
    But McAfee is synonymous with anti-virus protection. They've been around the longest, work pretty well, and chances are you have this on that new PC you bought. This particular item comes with a CD to install - which is rare - usually with McAfee products you just get a card and a code to download it online. In fact this disc doesn't even install anything - it just checks online for a newer version and installs THAT instead. So really, the disc - or this item, in fact - is a waste. If you need a McAfee product, just buy it off their website and download it directly. Save money and better for the environment!
  • Chance Evan LeBron - Works perfect!I have been using this butter infuser for a few weeks now and i am very happy with it so far. Its super easy to use and cranks out consitent quality butter or oil with hardly any effort. By far one of the best products for medical users who want to eliminate the middle man and make higher grade edibles.