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  • David English - An enjoyable light readA good lighthearted book well suited for reading on vacation and gifts. The stories bring back memories of youthful times watching Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, while offering interesting behind-the-scenes insights. Who knew that so much serious planning and strategy went into the evolution and presentation of the Muppets?
  • Cynthia U. Salisbury - great study guideMy son wanted to use this book to study for the medical exam he has to take. He has talked to others who have said that it helped them on the exam.
  • J. Truman - A good TODAY SHOW recommendThe TODAY SHOW recommended this book. I like and understand football so decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. Yes, there is a lot of football. It helps to know the difference between offense, defense, center, tight end and wide receiver. There are many references to Peyton and Eli Manning but there is also a family story behind the football. If you have watched Friday Night Lights, you understand the Texas high school mentality -obsessed. If you are in a family with more than one child, you understand the childhood dilemma of who the favorite child is. a good easy read.
  • B "B" - Perfect book!This book is awesome! I have read the whole thing and it has provided so much information. It is written well, each subject is approached in an unbiased fashion and all personal opinions of the author are separate and listed in boxes as "Dr. B's Opinion" So you get all the angles and the recommendations so you can choose your approach to different situations in a logical way, whatever works best for you. I would recommend this book to anyone!
  • Barbara Tintle - This REALLY is THE BEST PILLOW EVER!!!I have a permanent injury to my neck. I've had it for 40+ years. Since I bought my 'My Pillow'. I thought it may not help, but I had to try anything I could because the pain was excruciating!! I got it home, and it did have an odor that smelled sort if "industrial. I followed the instructions and washed it straight away. The first night, I found that the pillow was a bit noisy (almost like the 'snap, crackle, pop of Rice Krispies. The next night it was the same. I felt like I had, yet again, fallen for something useless. I liked the feel of it, but who wants to sleep on a bowl of Rice Krispies, ya know. One of the features I loved was that it was washable AND dry able . I decided to wash it 2 times that day. it's very easy ( be sure to balance you machine). To my surprise, it dried in about 20 minutes. That night, the odors were gone as was all the noise. Since, I've had it, Imy neck pain is gone..GONE!! I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!! This is THE BEST investment I've ever made. It literally changed my life!! My family will be getting these for Christmas!! I cannot thank you enough for this pillow!! People who don't think it's the absolute best pillow in the world obviously didn't give it a chance. I no longer need medicine for my pain!! I tell everyone I see about it!!