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  • Econ Doc "Econ Doc" - A simple solution to a big problemLike most powerful men, I've wondered: Where to find qualified women? Or qualified minorities, for that matter? Voila, now I have a binder full of qualified women (and minorities). This is a really nice binder and ideal for giving the illusion of progress, even though admitting the need for a binder may puzzle the savvy. I actually just ordered a new binder, which I will title: The 47% Solution. The binder, I know, will give me plenty of room to include plenty of qualified riffraff, should the need ever arise to know who some might be.
  • jack "nestorm4" - Awesomethis is by far the most awesome thing ever but my shrink says if I take these pills i won't see you guys anymore
  • Kaylynn "EyeCU Reading" - can't wait on the movieI don't pass out 5 stars freely, Terry earned them. This book is very "Waiting to Exhale'esque". A story of a family & the people around them which touches on many things every human being goes through. I laughed, cussed & even cried at the characters (tears aren't something i give freely either) I felt connected to each character & could totally relate to their reactions.

    many life circumstances, marriage, divorce, racism, homosexuality, growing learning I could go on & on. I'll just say I loved it, I felt it & could imagine this on the screen.

    We follow this family over a course of many adversities, triumphs & tragedy. But it also shows views & choices along with good & bad outcomes.

    Eyecu reading approved (even though it wasn't a monthly read)
  • Dave Schan - Rick solves DublinOk, so the book is about all of Ireland, but our trip was only to Dublin, so we are limiting our comments to the portions of the book pertaining to Dublin. We found the book very much up to date and helpful, from the buses at the airport to the music pub crawls to the other main attractions in Dublin. I will admit that we are 'planners,' and don't want to be in a position of saying, after the fact, 'I wish I would have known that.' Rick Steves on Ireland 2012 helped make sure that there weren't activities that we missed due to our ignorance. Well written and easy to follow.
  • Carrie_berri - What a RUSH!!!!!Gabe Hamilton is sexy, rich, and older. Mia Crestwell is beautiful, young and has always had a thing for Gabe. I started reading this book and was not able to put it down till the last page. I loved it. I have reread it a few times already. I would love to read more about Gabe and Mia's love story.