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  • chemtemtech - Great trainer!This is a great trainer! I wanted something quiet and easy to set up. I found both of these requirements in this trainer. The seller shipped promptly and and shipping was free. I set up the trainer in less then 5 minutes and I've. ever used one before! It actually took me longer to bring the bike in from the garage then read the simple instructions and set up. I love that it is quiet and very stable without the need for sand as some trainers require. Lovin this product!
  • A. B. Black "A B Black" - Wealth of information contained in this book.There is a cure for a lot of diseases and illnesses,if we search out the many avenues of treatment. We have grown much too accustomed to making an appointment with the doctor and taking their word for what it is and for the best treatment.
    We should each take control of our own health and not just depend on the doctor,which may or may not correctly
    diagnose what is wrong.
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  • Joe Lanier - Compelling Case Everyone Needs To Know About...We highly recommend Mr. Shorey's book as a vital must read for Prophecy and
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  • Tanya Parker Mills "Tanya Parker Mills, Autho... - Unique Characters and a Unique VoiceThe protagonist's voice is not your typical adolescent by a long shot, but she comes right off the page and into your heart before you've reached the second or third chapter. And Sloan didn't stop there. She gave each main character his or her own personality and it is their personalities that compel them to come together in unexpected ways. You won't regret spending time with this book.