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  • S_Hughes - Better than I Thought It would be.Exceeded my expectations having not done extensive research as to all of the content that the Roku provided prior to deciding to purchase. The remote does not need a line of sight to the receiver, and the receiver is small enough that it can be mounted on the back side of the TV creating a clutter free installation. The motion sensing remote is a nice feature that allows game play. I will admit to a few hours playing the free Angry Birds app. There is a TIme Warner Cable app that works on the Roku that allows you to watch live programming on selected channels so long as you have Cable TV service. It is not the same as the Time Warner app available for iOS devices. Unfortunately, at this time Time Warner is not providing local channels and some of the more popular cable channels or on demand options. The local channel situation is an easy workaround by running cable directly to the TV. We are using the Roku on a second TV in a household and it will pay for itself in 6 months by eliminating a second DVR unit that had a monthly lease and service fee that is now being cancelled.
  • doctor me - I am a doctor and it works!After having acne for over 30 years and being on Accutane 3 times, the Exposed Acne treatment is the only thing that has worked consistently for me for over 5 years. I know it works because every time I forget or am unable to use it for a few days, my acne returns. As an MD, I can get anything for acne and I choose Exposed Acne skin care!