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  • Joan M. Jones - Fantastic panFirst of all, I did not season the pan. I do use coconut oil when I cook. I have used it for 6 months and am highly satisfied. I love hash browns and have never been able to make them without them sticking ( I don't use silverstone). With Orgreenic they crisp nicely and slide out of the pan. I bought mine at Nebraska Furniture Mart and figured I could take it back if unsatisfied. If I had to buy a new one every 6 months just to make fried potatoes, I would. Just be careful and don't use metal spatulas.
  • woodstown - I'm a long time Balko reader and this exceeded expectationsThis book exceeded my expectations spectacularly. It wasn't a rehash of a bunch of "Agitator" blog posts- it gave a concise history of policing, where policing has gone wrong in the past, and it spelled out the missteps of politicians making policy based on emotions and anecdotes. The 3rd amendment history lesson is fantastic.
    Radley does a great job attacking the system and reiterating that it's not really a "bad cop" thing. He takes an unflinching look at what's going on now and how we've arrived here, without digging up the ghosts of Anslinger and other long-dead drug war propagandists.
    He offers some well-thought out solutions to address the problems pointed out.
    When I finished the book, I wanted to address policy issues and try to help fix the "system" vs go out and beat some abusive cops. I think that's a huge win.
  • Frank J. Lhota - "The War on Drugs" is not just a metaphorRadley Balko documents how military weapons and tactics were introduced into domestic law enforcement, in ways that were disproportionate and unconstitutional. This book is not anti-cop; the author frequently stresses that there are many good police officers who object to this excessive use of force. Rather, the book is an indictment of the politicians who score cheap political points by passing "tough on crime" policies that are, in actuality, "tough on civil liberties".
  • Jose Matuk - Great crossbars, good quality, easy install.Most users are saying that the instructions are bad. Well they are. But fortunately we all have Amazon reviews, reading these I could put mine together in 15 minutes. The quality of the rack/crossbars is very good. I'm carrying a 65 lb Kayak around, no problem.

    What really made me give this 5 stars, is customer service from Atomixauto. One of the covers had a bad retainer, and after sending them pictures of it, they sent me a replacement in two days.

    Will definitely buy from them again!