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  • TSA Sucks - TSA and Airport SecurityThis was the best product I have ever bought on Amazon. Well, that isn't completely true. It is tied with my Kirstie Alley "You Can Spanx Me" kit. After September 11th, when the world came together as one, I understood the need to ban knives on planes. I also understood the need to ban any liquid over 4 ounces from being brought through security. September 11th ruined a lot of things for me, but none as devastating as not being able to cut my beloved bananas on the plane and dip them in 4.12 ounces of melted chocolate. On September 12th, 2001, that all ended. Fast forward 12 years later when a friend sent me a link to the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer. I am back on a plane (with wireless internet!), slicing my bananas while the lady next to me looks at me with jealous eyes (and a small hint of utter contempt). Sure, I have to now bring 3.96 ounces of melted chocolate, but sometimes you have to live outside your comfort zone to move forward in the world. And, I truly didn't need the extra calories. Now, even though TSA recently announced they would allow small knives back on planes, I didn't even care! Normally, I would have pumped a fist in to the air, a-la the "Fair is Fair" scene of the 80s classic, "The Legend of Billie Jean," but it didn't even phase me. I have my Hutzler 571 BS. Take that knives! And take that you snooty TSA bastards. Now if only Hutlzer could turn their revolutionary innovations to melted chocolate.
  • kindred spirit - Leap into University for little kids.This is an upgrade from Leappad 1 at our house. Last years model still going strong but some new features make this a hit. We like to have educational toys that are also fun in our home. This pad is very durable and takes pretty much what the 4 yr old dishes out. The bright blue and green colors are great for both boys and girls.
    There is a camera front and back facing. These are not high quality but to the kids they are a lot of fun. Taking a picture of yourself making faces that is worth hours of fun.

    You get a $20 gift card for online game purchase but don't count on that buying a lot. All of your past purchases are compatable with this pad. Update Oct 7, 2013 forgot to mention you get a 30% discount on your first purchase so The $20 goes further. I got 3 programs and still have a $2.50 credit to the account. It is off your whole order.

    Art Studio and the Creativity Bundle are the favorites here.

    The one thing that was a disappointment was this one takes 4 AA batteries and depending on how much play in a day that can be one day. We go with recharagables so there are always some ready.

    It also comes with stickers to decorate the pad or other items the child may want to use them on. This with he DVD at Christmas if it is out would be a wow gift. Little ones see adults with tablets and want them but the 4 and 5 yr olds still need sturdy toys and you have to set up lots of parental controls to keep them safe. There are no worries with this you set the tablet up on the computer make purchases then the child can do anything on the pad.

    You get a 1 year warranty at this price point I was glad to see that.
  • Kaoru Arms - Eye opening!This book opens a new perspective as a parent and a woman! I especially learned A LOT about safety for my 6 months old son. It made me aware of what REALLY is safe for my son. I definitely recommend this book to ALL the parents :) This book can be the start of safer, happier, and healther life for you and your family!!!! This is THE book to read!!!!
  • nana "nana" - Results of using Align.This product does exactly what it says it will do. My system was out of alignment and I had received some samples of this product. I started taking one tablet a day and found my body responded very well. I feel better, and I have more energy.
    I would recommend this product to anyone in need.