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City: 14606 Rochester, New York

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  • Keeka - AMAZINGThe First-Aid 2011 book (which shipped extremely fast in December 2010) is an amazing supplement to any basic sciences curriculum aimed at preparing medical students for the USMLE step 1. It contains important information on the exam and a good compilation of high-yield topics to focus on and knowledge to reaffirm.
  • R. Bradshaw - Amazed it actually workedI was amazed that it actually worked over night!? I bought 2 bottles of the mouthwash (this item) and the starter kit ( I rarely have the tonsil stones some people mention but mainly notice that i have a lot of white build up on my tongue (which tastes rank).

    Last night I used the mouth wash (green bottle), 2nd mouth wash (tablet mix), throat spray and nasal drops (i wanted to be sure!) I woke up this morning with no usual bitter / bad taste in my mouth, i can't smell any bad breath at all and my tongue surface is perfectly pink for the first time in ... i don't know how long.

    I really am amazed as I partly thought this whole Therabreath + Dr. Katz thing sounded dodgy... like a typical infomercial product. Although I couldn't ignore all the amazon appraisals so tried it and I'm really pleased. I might post back after a month with what else i find.
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    This is a really good anti virus program.

    A couple of things tho:

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