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  • Carol C. "ccjello" - Loved the story and all the pictures!Okay -- disclosure -- I had some help from my nine-year-old on this review. She is a huge fan of Kate DiCamillo and has read the Tale of Desperaux about a hundred times. Her take:
    This book is about when a little squirrel gets sucked up by a vacuum and gets superpowers, and with his partner Flora, the have the Illuminated Adventures of Flora and Ulysses. I loved the story and the pictures! Kate DiCamillo always makes the perfect cuddle up and read books. Ulysses was so cute and the two were just perfect for each other. I can't wait to read the next book she has to offer! I really loved the part where he was swinging from that woman's hair. I would read it again any day!
  • Ez - Body Alignment with KnowledgeI've had chronic low back issues for over 12 years seeking the help of mainstream doctors and clinics that really have no true idea how to work through your body to achieve a healthy core.
    This last year and a half was spent almost entirely rebuilding my strength and confidence after 3 bulging discs took my right leg out with a severe, tear-wrenching sciatica event. I found that Esthers descriptions and explanations on posture, specifically, bending correctly at the hip and sitting in balance have been invaluable in the last 3 months to finally stop aggravating my lower back and relieve the constant twinge in the lumbar-sacral area. Knowing a bit of the history as to why most back issues start with the comparison from other cultures and even our own going back a hundred years helped me to understand how and why it's easy to slip into unhealthy alignment.

    I do recommend this work and the exceptionally thorough presentation of the exercises to help build body awareness while alleviating some of the issues associated with back pain. I will mention the Egoscue method as a very good system, as well. Great but time consuming exercises that also help to relieve stress on the entire back. Definitely worth considering and trying before submitting to more drastic measures.
  • Ryan U "Discerning Consumer" - An Innovative and Ergonomic Alternative to Traditional SwingsThe mamaRoo wasn't even on our radar when we were registering for baby essentials. But my boss, who had positive experiences with his, bought us one (generously) as a shower gift. I was excited because its styling is modern - particularly relative to the obnoxiously bright swings - and it seemed like it was built smartly.

    When our little guy was born, he immediately hated his bassinet because he had no desire to be flat on his back. So we switched him to the mamaRoo for his first 6 weeks - where he spent 12-16 hours a day. He absolutely loved it.

    I loved that the fabric is soft, durable, and easily washable. The "natural" swinging motions are a much better alternative to the static back-and-forth of a conventional swing. I also like that you can adjust the 'pitch' and degree of elevation - very easily. And the sounds/input option is a nice touch.

    After about 8 weeks (mind you, this was after heavy use) the base began to squeak and vibrate. I tried a few simple things which did not work. So I contacted 4moms and they immediately responded, apologized for our troubles, and sent out a replacement base with a return label to send the defective one back. Total turnaround was less than 3 full days.

    The new base has been functioning well (albeit with less usage) and the service I received more than compensated for the trouble we had with the squeaky base - which bumped my rating from a 4 to a 5.
  • ahoffoss - The best tablet for the price!Don't get me wrong, for most people this machine is a no brainer, but for me, it's just "OK". That being said, I gave it 5 stars, because what it does do, it does REALLY well and for a SUPER cheap price! For it, it was a gift. My problem is, I don't read from eBooks. I only read paper books. There's just something about an actual book in my hand that I can't get from holding up a Kindle or any ereader, for that matter. I can honestly say that the reader DOES do books good, because I did read at least 1 using this. Also, the fact that Prime members have access to an unheard of amount of books they can "borrow" for free?! For the people that are looking for the best tablet on the market for the price,....the KINDLE is just that!
  • Loreley - Always With Me on My TripsI've had this for over 3 years, and this is a great lens that I always take with me on trips. I feel the sharpness and image quality are great and also frequently discussed elsewhere so I'll focus on other aspects.

    * I like this focal range. And for an ultra wide angle lens, a millimeter or two can make a huge difference.
    * The filter size (77mm) seems to be fairly common. I didn't get to appreciate this fact until I bought more lenses.
    * Very light (as expected for an EF-S).
    * AF is very responsive.

    * The build quality isn't poor, but I do wish it was a little sturdier at this price point. The Tokina 11-16 felt more solid. That said, it has withstood a 2-foot drop onto the pavement.
    * Not the fastest lens in this focal range and has a variable aperture (eg. Tokina 11-16 is a constant f2.8).