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  • outside girl - excellent travel guideI first ran into Rick Steves at a "Europe Through The Back Door" class he taught in the 80's, and used his information for my first trip. It was so very helpful. Since then I've traveled twice more, consulted his guides, and followed his advice with excellent results. With an upcoming trip, his books are required reading in our family. Excellent advice, great insights, good results.
  • Steven Aikens - It helps!I've had stomach issues since high school. My GI recommended I start taking this, and since January things have gotten much better! The pills are small and aren't a problem to swallow. There are 7 in each protective case and labeled each day of the week which makes it easy to keep track if you took the pill or not. It's very convenient to just throw in your bag. I set a reminder on my phone around lunch time to remember to take it every day.

    Don't get confused: each day is labeled but all of the pills are the same! They're just being nice and helping you keep track of your pill poppin'!