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  • Bridget A. Molag "Upsnowgirl" - Buy it NOW!!I just bought this from the actual keurig store. OMG I just love it. I was so concerned about it only making one cup at a time but now I can't live with out it!! It makes the best cup of coffee I've ever had!! And the best part is you can buy your own reusable filter and use your own coffee grounds. So you don't have to purchase the pricey coffee singles. You can use whatever coffee you like. I highly recommend this. It is worth every penny. And make sure you order the filter basket the plastic reusable one. Also when you buy the plastic filter basket make sure it is for your specific keurig style. If you purchase the vue then buy that specific reusable filter basket. They also have them at Walmart. My hubby and I absolutely love this coffee maker. Omg I really don't know how we lived without it. Don't hesitate buy today!!!!!!!
  • S&S - Cleared up a problemMy doctor recommended this to keep the right pH balance (I'm post-menopausal). It completely cleared up a minor problem I was having after using the product for about two months. It also eliminated feelings of dryness and slight itchiness. I wouldn't be without it now.
  • Niecy Love "Love Always Photography" - Easy downloadI don't typically write reviews but I found that a few users on here stated that this was a 30-day trial version. It is not! This gives you a subscription for one year. In order to avoid confusion on my computer I decided to delete the current version of Norton that I had then download this version that I just bought. However, if you look in your account, you will find that it gives you the product code key that you need to renew your current subscription. If you find that you have anything less than 365 days left on your subscription after downloading this version then you have done something wrong or simply missed a step.
  • Kal Rubaye - Great Book, A must read for all!This is one of those rare books that captures and captivates the mind. Its almost like a modern day adventure story (up until things get bad). Its a great story if you want a first hand and unique perspective of the events that took place during and after Hurricane Katrina. Highly recommended!