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  • Bargainfairy - great tabletI looked and researched for a long time before deciding on the Tab 2. For my, searching the Internet, Facebook and the occasional photo, this suits me just fine. I also purchased a "for dummies" book to help me learn the finer points. I'm still in the learning curve but I was able to operate the tablet immediately. (And being 65, I don't have the skills of younger users) While I love the portability,this is a w i-fi only device!
  • Flygirl - WE LOVED IT BIG TIME!!! (planning to buy more!)While I truly appreciate the heads up (regarding the company and credit cards), I am going to tell you what I think of the product as the wife of a husband who just tried ONE tablet! I don't think a guy can get these results with this tablet alone but I'm glad my guy of 23 yrs did not take 3! Reason being, is that he also uses pboost and while the two products can get really pricey, ONE tablet of this and one tablet of pboost made him like a rock star in the bed last night AND this morning! God as my witness! No one is paying me (wish they were) but these are the results we got! First time out of the gate! I'm 53 and my guy is 49 and he made me feel like we were both in our 20s!!! We did not do it like THAT when we met (I just turned 30, he was 26 and we were both active duty Air Force in Germany back in 1990)! So, that's my advice; I will look into the card thing (hubby got a free sample and just paid for shipping and canceled only because we did not want additional charges to the card); but I would GLADLY pay for this product (with the boost); I can barely get over how AWESOME It was for us around 1:30 this morning and AGAIN around 5:30/6a.m.!!! Can hardly wait until the next round!!!! Serious; try the two together and I doubt you'll be disappointed! Really, one or both of the companies should payment for this endorsement but it's the truth!
  • Paige Turner "Film Fanatic" - He revolutionized puppetry and children's educational televisionThis is a carefully researched, comprehensive biography of Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets and Sesame Street, along with other children's programming. We lost a gifted, creative individual when he passed away at only age 53 in 1990 from complications of pneumonia. I didn't realize he was already on TV during its infancy back in the 1950's. He got his start in children's programming quite by accident. Growing up, he was interested in cartooning and theater. Fascinated by the new medium television, Jim sought a way to break into a career in TV. As a senior in high school, one of the local stations advertised for a couple of young people who could perform puppet shows for a children's TV show. With two books checked out of the local library, Jim Henson and friend had a one-week crash course in puppetry, designing a puppet out of plastic wood that he used for his audition. He not only got the job, but this led other gigs, including his first show, "Sam and Friends." "Sam and Friends" consisted of 5 minutes shows between mainstay programming; since it was late-night TV, Jim could create his own manic world without the restraints of daytime television. His Muppets (a word he coined back in 1954) grew so popular that it led to a guest appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Steve Allen.

    Because he had no formal training as a puppeteer and was basically self-taught, Jim was free to explore puppetry in ways a formally-trained puppeteer might not have ventured. Before, puppets were made of wood with rigid faces with no expression, confined to a puppet theater, much like a televised Punch & Judy show. Jim discovered that foam rubber was an excellent material to create puppets with expressive faces. He also removed his Muppets from the confines of the traditional proscenium arch theater, integrating them into actual settings such as we see today on Sesame Street. He and his then partner Jane (whom he later married), discovered how to do this with the use of monitors. In real time, they could see how to frame and stage their Muppets, creating depth, exploring and experimenting with the medium of TV to create the illusion and reality of the Muppet World. As long as the puppeteers stayed out of the frame, they could create this illusion on TV.

    His first "Muppet" was of course, the endearing Kermit. So tied was Kermit to Jim, (who was the voice of Kermit), that Kermit was a separate negotiation, apart from the other Muppets when Jim decided to sell his company to Disney. He would go on to create and design beloved characters we know today, such as Miss Piggy, Bert & Ernie, Oscar The Grouch, and Elmo. The book covers how certain characters we know today were invented and developed.

    The book covers his early years and the predecessors who influenced him, as well as the growth and development of his various Muppets, Sesame Street, his production company, movies, other shows (Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth) as well as Sesame Street merchandise. Before he passed away, he was in intense negotiations with Disney, as he wanted his Muppets to join forces with Disney. (This would not transpire until 15 years after Jim's death).

    His genius was he could figure out how to do something in a simpler yet more creative way. He was driven, hard-working and very innovative. His passing was unexpected and shocking to those who knew and worked with him. Sadly he is no longer with us, yet he has left an everlasting legacy of children's programming and memorable Muppet characters.

    Jim revolutionized puppetry, especially as presented on TV, as well as children's programming and educational TV. I would highly recommend anybody who grew up with Sesame Street or who love the various Muppet movies to read this biography. It is a detailed account of an gentle, modest, yet very accomplished genius. It is very well-written and gives you a detailed account of his life and accomplishments.
  • Gwenna Betsill-brush "Gwenna Brush, Bookworm" - Reader from TexasI got this book at the recommendation of a friend and not too excited about reading another memoir. However, once I got into it, I simply could not put it down. Even though I knew the ending, having met the author at a booksigning, I still was in enough suspense at each of the junctures in her life to keep me reading far past bedtime.
    Jeannie, shows such appreciation for the Texas life(maybe reluctantly at first). She eloquently describes her transformation from the person she was when she was in New York to a woman who learns to appreciate all the twists and turns and uncontrollable events that living in a small rural community and farming lavender brings.
    This is a must read for every women who has been handed unexpected circumstances - and haven't we all!
    Gwenna - Dallas
  • Gin and Tonik - Works Great!I am writing this review after using this pan for a year now. I followed the directions, seasoned the pan, hand wash only, and cook with proper utensils. We mainly use this to make breakfast items such as eggs. For us it's not a big enough fry pan to get into making other meal items but occasionally it's used for side dishes such as rice or sauteeing vegetables or meats. No matter what the pan, I still always give in quick squirt of cooking oil or cook with olive oil because my recipe requires it. Maybe this is why I have no problems? Not really sure but like I stated, most of my foods require a little bit of oil for flavor. I have had ZERO problems with anything sticking and clean up is a breeze in the sink. This pan works great for what I've been using it for. Would definitely buy another.