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  • Orianna - Great ProgramI had no idea what to expect when I ordered this--I just wanted something to help me write my will. It exceeded my expectations! It's easy to use, extremely thorough, and as a bonus, it helps you with other legal documents, not just your will. Here's what you get:

    * Will
    * Health Care Directive (Living Will & Power of Attorney)
    * Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
    * Final Arrangements
    * Information for Caregivers & Survivors

    The will, of course, decides who gets your stuff when you die. It reminds you to appoint a guardian for your children (if any) and your pets (if any). It even gives you the option of providing an amount of money to whoever gets your pets, so they can afford to buy pet food and take your animals to the vet. The Health Care Directive allows you to appoint someone to make vital medical decisions, should you be incapacitated. (Hint: Make sure you trust them!) You can also specify your wishes regarding life support, organ donation, and so forth. Durable Power of Attorney for Finances permits you to name someone to take over your finances and care for your property, should you be hospitalized or unable to handle things yourself. Final Arrangements lets you specify your wishes for burial or cremation. Information for Caregivers & Survivors lets you provide vital information, such as your bank account info, life insurance, and so forth, which others might need, should you be hospitalized or die.

    I'll admit, it can be depressing to make these kinds of decisions. But it's far better to do it now, while you're healthy, than to wait until you're in a life-or-death situation. Especially with the financial stuff. Do you really want your spouse to have to guess your computer password, then dig around your files, trying to figure out when each bill is due, just so you don't lose the house while you're sick in the hospital? This program makes it easy to provide the information others will need in an emergency.
  • HawkeyeCoffee - Great tablet a year later.A year into owning the first generation iPad Mini, I can say it was a great buy for myself and as a gift for my father.


    I've never owned a tablet before the iPad Mini. I had toyed with getting a Nexus 7, but the Google Play Store just didn't have enough tablet specific apps. I owned an iPhone so I chose to stay within that ecosystem. The app selection for the iPad/iPad Mini is great. The non-retina display is not a concern for me. The display is still very good looking though. The size and weight feel great in your hands and is a great in-between of a smartphone and a laptop. I particularly like the aluminum back. It's cold to the touch when you first start using it, but then adapts to your hand temperature. It's solid hardware and feels very premium.


    Speaking of premium, the price. When I bought the iPad Mini in 2012, it was $330 and the processor was already a year behind at that point. The price point as of late 2013 is $299, with the new iPad Mini at a whopping $399. The hundred dollar difference between the 7.9 inch iPad Mini and the 9.7 inch iPad Air makes it difficult to decide. Especially since the new Nexus 7 is only $230 and Amazon Kindle Fire at $139. The processor is still OK, but it can lag on graphic intensive games. If you don't play much of those, you'll be fine. Movies, Youtube, etc all play extremely well.

    Rating: 5 out of 5.
    Recommended: Yes. If you decide to shell out money for an Apple product, you're buying into a great app ecosystem and great hardware that you'll be happy with.
  • Joan M. Pluta "GrammyJ" - WOW! What a Terrific Slicer!Originally ordered 6 (six). Bought one of them for my husband. (From another Brand) He loved it so much I ordered 10 more for our large family's stockings at Christmas...sixteen in all! There is another brand out there. This one is more of the banana color...a wee more orange. "Easy" to operate. Fits in your hand nicely. Very nice slices. Just the right thickness. You will get many more slices than hand slicing! If you clean with hot water right after using the banana remnants fall right off and the Bananza is clean. The best of all worlds.
  • Jimmy Jam - Just plain great.I read a few of the one-star reviews for this CD and I just can't believe anybody would give this one star. My guess is that these are a bunch of Roger Waters fanatics who are pushing 60 and are harkening back to the days when they used to smoke a dube in the 70's and listen to classic psychadelic Floyd and try to figure out what it meant. I liked Floyd back in the day (late 70's and early 80's) and I thought their music was cool. But Floyd didn't need Roger Waters and this CD, their last, proves it. I listened to this on a tape that I made from a CD from the library back when it first came out. I bought it last year at a used book store on a CD and started to listen to it again a couple of weeks ago. This album is just great. I saw others calling it "pop" but it's not pop. It's more mainstream for Floyd but it's far from "pop" music. There are elements here that sound like old Floyd and yet a more mature, tighter sound. The recording is great, all of the songs are great (especially Keep Talking, What Do You Want From Me, High Hopes, Coming Back to Life and Lost For Words) Gilmour's electric guitar is great as always and is unmistakably David Gilmour. He has has some great acoustic work and rips the solo on High Hopes on a lap-steel guitar. This album shows a seasoned band looking back on their lives and giving some honest reflection about life. True,it doesn't sound like Floyd circa 1977, it sounds like a band that has evolved musically but still maintains elements of the sound that made them famous.

    If you liked a Momentary Lapse of Reason at all you will love this work. I don't care what anybody says: this is Pink Floyd at it's best, with or without Roger Waters.