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  • Iveygurl - I Love It!!This is my second one. A friend suggested one a few years ago because I was a single woman and not comfortable using a gas grill. I was unsure about it but gave it a try, I love it. I keep it on the back porch and it is so easy to use, just turn it on and cook, no flare ups and everything taste great! I recommend it to everyone, even if you have a gas grill this is perfect to throw one chicken breast on and not have to fire up the gas!! I call it "THE GIRL GRILL"
  • consuela banks - I love it!I was wanting to buy an Ipad for myself. However, my husband still needed to be dragged into the 21st century, so I bought the Galaxy Tab 2 for him, since it also has a good reputation. Well, I am the one using it, and I really like it!! It's the first tablet for either of us, so I can't compare it with anything else, but it's so versatile. It's a wonderful computer substitute away from home.
  • seasprite6 - Tudor addicts overdoseMantel captures the life and times of Henry the VIII in all it's horrifying splendor. Men and women shuck off silk and sable to be roasted at the stake or slain by polished steel blades. All the while, life goes on in the cold stone halls of Tudor England. I can't wait for the next installment. Now that I know Thomas Cromwell, I want to see how his story ends...
  • CheeryGal - One of my Fave will agree to that!Basically, I think I'm one of the few customers that pre-ordered this book, when it was still kind of expensive. Wished I waited a little bit longer but that's alright. As an avid fan of the very stylish and beautiful actress, I'm starting to develop interests in everything she loves from her book. The book pretty much talks about how she lives her life with her family and the types of things she's into, in terms of her diet, fashion, home, etc. Growing up with health conditions, I assumed that sparked the innovation of The Honest Company and her book. She is an influential and inspiring woman. She deserves all of the wonderful recognition and to top this all of: "The Honest Life", as I write this, April 2013 is on the New York Times BEST-SELLER! =)