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  • M. S. Miller "fantasy fiend" - Great Price and ProgramI had to purchase this book and code to MyMathLab for my Algebra II class. Other students bought the physical book and code for about $120+ and I didn't want to spend that much. So I came on Amazon, found a great price, and got the code and the book is online! It can be downloaded/printed; much easier than lugging a huge book around. MyMathLab is a great program, too. I'm not very good at online classes, but this program takes you step by step, has videos, examples, "help me solve this", and much more. I hope every math class chooses to use MyMathLab. Definitely worth the money!
  • Rose City - Day 22 days in, and things have already improved after almost a year of trying everything else. Pain medications had slowed things down to the point of impaction multiple times, even after serious diet adjustments and stool softeners and increased water intake. I tried the yogurt without any appreciable success, though it does say eat 2-3 a day for maximum result. For those of us who can only choke down 1 of those yogurts a day, even of the "best flavor"- these pills seem to be a favorable alternative.

    The 90 day bottle seems to be the best value, at about $28 from Costco, and about $32 from Amazon with free shipping. Since only 1 pill is needed per day, consider the price as $.31-$.36/pill/day. Some comparable generics require 2x a day, so be sure to take that into account when comparing generics with Phillips'.

    For people who are suffering the digestive consequences of pain medication, I recommend this product. It might be "uncomfortable" as the "current residents" make their way out for the first couple of days, but it is well worth the result.
  • Eric123 - SmartDraw 2013 Fantastic product - wonderful customer service.As Investment bankers we do many presentations and we wanted to source a product that would help us prepare visuals and cut down on the time it takes to cut a deck of slides.

    SmartDraw 2013 is an easy to use product. It is intuitive and we were able to use the product easily from the online tutorials. The template bank makes life very easy. We like the ability to either use a template to get started and then to personalise the output. We found the product more versatile than Visio and at a fraction of the cost. It integrates effortlessly into the MS office suite of products. It is simple to use.

    The customer service is great. We are in Australia and they seamlessly assisted us to optimise the package and use the features. We need some assistance and we received a response within hours
  • Brandon Webb - Spec Ops PerspectiveFull disclosure: I've become friends with Jeremy prior to this book coming out. I'm a fellow writer but also served over a decade in the Special Operations community. I'm not another journalist or writer opining about something I don't know about, and I don't give fluff reviews just because a friend writes a book. My full in-depth review will come soon on SOFREP.

    While I found Blackwater admittedly somewhat biased (a great read none-the-less), Dirty Wars is incredibly researched, and critical across the political divide.

    Dirty Wars is chock full of incredible and insightful information that will leave most readers uncomfortably informed. I imagine reading this book will be kind of like the first Matrix movie where one of the characters comes to know what reality "is" but chooses to plug back into delusion because reality is too uncomfortable to deal with. This is the situation in America right now, and best we admit we have serious issues that require serious solutions.

    Great work Jeremy.

    Brandon, Former Navy SEAL and Editor of SOFREP