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  • Michael P. Maslanka - Useful, Cogent, Well WrittenAs with Mystery's book, this one is a primer on persuasion and negotiation. Strauss covers in rapid fire fashion some well established ground: show value; don't be needy; exude confidence, But he also instructs on some new areas: learn the power of a story(two minutes tops, hone it down and practice off hand delivery); understand reframing( you are not an engineer, you are designing the next generation of cell phone); do not take a "no" as rejection but as an opportunity to learn and re-tool. Plenty of useful advice(the one on knowing when to get a number and how shows real insight in how to ask for what you want in any situation). The essay book has good stuff in it but is uneven. The book print is small so get a powerful reading lamp or a nice sunny day in the park.
  • Barbie "Hegnela" - Worked immediately!I have been suffering from on-again, off-again constipation my whole life. I've been put on "miracle diets", given medication, natural remedies, you name it.

    What first attracted me to try this supplement is the fact that it's not a laxative, or colon cleanse. It's colon health, and there's no better name for it, in my opinion. When I first purchased this item from my local WalMart a few months ago, I did so simply to give it a try, without much optimism. When I realized how quickly and effectively it worked, I was amazed!

    It didn't give me ANY discomfort as laxatives do, (they're in fact super aggressive on your insides and I strongly recommend against them) since they don't "force stuff out", but they actually put good bacteria inside to promote digestive health. That makes a world of difference, since I've noticed I don't feel as gassy and bloated all the time, and what's also really cool is that only 1 pill a day will do, so it doesn't make me feel like I'm back on those "medical regimens" that I just dreaded so much...

    One "sneaky" thing I like to do: Since the bottle they come in is very sturdy, easy to open and not made of cheap plastic, I like re-using it for other pills and simply label it with a post-it. You know those over-the-counters that come wrapped in a way that's impossible to open? I usually open them and empty them all at once into the bottle and stick a label on it. Bam! No more struggling to find a pair of scissors when I'm trying to treat a bad headache or sinus infection! :)

    Order it through Amazon's "Subscribe and save" program, you'll save so much and it'll be at your home when you need it! :)
  • Anne M Izzo - Great Story!This Wool Omnibus Edition (1-5) Silo Saga is an interesting,thought provoking story,that I found difficult to put down! (I hope more Wool Stories will be forthcoming) definitely worth the price,a must have if you enjoy Scifi. I highly recommend this and I intend to purchase more of Hugh Howey's work ASAP !
  • mitt's kitten - Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed:I highly recommend this binder to bind all 47% of the women who no one should care about, because after all they don't care about themselves if they choose to be old and on social security, a college student or a woman who has fought for her country. I also highly recommend other items to buy along with women binders: (1) rope and scissor set combo pack to hold down and humiliate a class mate for being gay, (2) rope and cage set to strap those pesky pets to the roof of your car on long family trips, and (3) a t-shirt and bumper sticker combo pack that says " I Care About 100% Of 53 Percent Of The People."